FW3A, a TLF/BLF EDC flashlight - SST-20 available, coupon codes public

Oh that is pretty…
Please put me down for 1…

Please add me to the list.

I’d like to get one please. Thanks.

And list updated

I’d like to get a FW3A.

Please add me for 1 FW3A

Yes will update list later :slight_smile:
autodidact, welcome to BLF!

Please add me to the list for one.
BTW I really tried to resist…

In for 1. thanks

Please add me to the list for 1 light. Thanks!

Hi Miller,
Can you put me in for two please? Many thanks.

The driver will most likely have another firmware option available after release. I plan on doing a thing with it where you configure it by pointing it at a screen so it can read Morse code. I’m not sure how useful that will be in practice, but it should at least be a fun project.

Oh, and I should probably be on the list for two instead of just one, so I’ll have one to use and one to mess with. :slight_smile:

Put me down for two please.

Wow, yes will update the list later.

TK, yeah in the design this future firmware is taken into account. Could e sweet, choose the setup of your light on the pc, hold light to screen and it gets the setting one prefers.
lot of work, for the pc/smartphone user interface and firmware are to be made, so nobody would expect this to happen soon,
the mere fact you are checking in on the driver development is already very cool!

How about (Advanced) QR-code?

My limited understanding is that with an extra component on driver the led can be used to detect flashes of a screen.
In a special config mode in the firmware one should be able to program the light using the flickering of a PC or smartphone screen

I’m in.

In for 1.

I want one