FW3A, a TLF/BLF EDC flashlight - SST-20 available, coupon codes public

You should get an email around 3:30 AM Eastern standard time on Sunday.

I’m 674 on the original list, 541 on the email list. I should receive my email around 5:16 AM EST in the morning.

I’m glad I came to BLF this evening. I was happily surprised to find this had began.

Thanks to all who made it possible.

Now to do some catch up reading to find some process information.

Got free shipping with BLF GT and usually AliExpress, eBay and Banggood offer mostly free shipping to Finland. Gearbest has been getting more greedy lately so many purchases had to been skipped when their cheapest shipping option is sometimes bigger than the actual item.

Backhand you?

Pffft. Don’t be ridiculous.

That’s what lightsabers are for.


In most browsers, try Ctrl-F and then type what you’re looking for. I see you on the PM list at #1383:


For reference, the script says it just sent out message 366.

Sorry about the timing math stuff. Things happened kinda last-minute.

Is that a script to tell how far along the messages are?

Will the list be updated tomorrow to reflect the new orders put in today?

I don’t have anything that fancy. It just prints status to the console while it works.

Now it’s on #373.

  1. failed because of a non-ascii character in the username, so I sent that one manually. There’s at least one more like that later in the list too, but it shouldn’t come up for a while.

… and now it’s on #374.

Yes. When the first batch of messages finishes, I plan to update the list and send a second batch of messages. But the list closes when that second batch starts. So there’s only about 24 hours left to get on the list.

please add me to the new list for a 2nd light, thanks.

Interested for one

Finland, sorry…. I can’t help with that. I guess shipping will just be whatever options the site gives you.
Sorry I could be of no help….

One please

Again I am interested

I am interested, again.

You would probably need to ask Neil about shipping costs to Finland. There may be an extra charge for certain countries or it might be a mistake that he can correct.

Fri, 04/26/2019 - 23:50……… #9039

A tireless worker too…. pumping out a PM every 95 seconds. And right on target time too. :+1:

I may well be easily amazed… but this amazes me. :wink:

just ordered. During checkout was it you guys experience that you couldn’t get the discount unless you type in your info?
I couldn’t go straight to PayPal.

Was referred here from a FB group which shared the new budget EDC light. Is the SST-40 highCRI emitter available atm? If so, I’d like One (1).