FW3A, a TLF/BLF EDC flashlight - SST-20 available, coupon codes public

I experience that with the Code itself on many sites. If I copy & paste a code I always do a skip & a backspace & it works just fine for me.

I have an account on Neals site so the name & address was auto filled in.

Hello Everyone
I will answer some questions.

1.shipping date

Lumintop will ship about 200pcs 3D in next monday
7A and more 3D will ship after the holiday, I will try to ship those 200pcs 3D at May 5th, others about 8th.

2.shipping options

free shipping is DHL regular for England and Germany, it is fast
other countries free shipping usually about 10-15 days,
if you want receive it fast, choose the Expedited Shipping with DHL express (5-8days)


I will declare low,total should lower than $20 total besides of USA.

4.when the SST20 or LH351D available,does the coupon still work

yes,the coupon will still work when the SST20 and LH351D available.

5.glued or not

all the light is unglued, both driver and tail.


all the group buy FW3A will no logo.

It’s the SST20 that’s 95 CRI :slight_smile: but not available yet, unfortunately.

Also: thanks for the update Neal!

Would you add me for another 2 (SST-20/LH351D) when available
I’m 1431-1434 on the original list.

Many thanks for everyone involved with the hard work !! Much appreciated !!!

I am interested in one, please.

can we have the option to choose the bunny logo?
the light looks much better with the logo!

I’m interested for a 2nd light too.

If it’s not too late, can you put me down for one? Thanks for all your hard work!

Hi Neal!! Thank you for the info… :+1:

No. 696 on list. I think I’ll check my private messages every 5 minutes. So excited.

I’m interested in one. Please hook a brother up :slight_smile:

Can you please add me to the list for a second unit. I want to buy the hi CRI version too.

It was meant to be every 90 seconds, but I forgot it has about 5 seconds of delays during each message to load pages, fill in the forms, and verify the expected result happened. And now if I re-start it to adjust the timing, I would have to edit in a new feature to skip the requests it has already completed… so I figured I’ll just let it run.

Anyway, it’s on #441 now.

Sellin’ like hotcakes over here.

My bad… mistyped :smiley:

Could I be added to the list? I’d like One (1) with the SST20 emitter. (Any Nichia emitters? :slight_smile: )

90 seconds, 95 seconds, whatever seconds… it would still be just as amazing to me. :+1:

90 seconds would give 40 PM’s an hour & 95 seconds gives 37.895 PM’s an hour…… so not much lost in the overall picture besides 2 to 3 more hours on the backside.

I just think (besides it being amazing… :wink: ) it is a neat & very fair way to do it. :beer:

In for qty 3 Please.
High CRI as close to 3K leds if possible.

Can i use my reserved place to buy the SST20 version instead of the XPL Version?

I haven’t really been responding to sign-up messages, but people will be added to the list when the current batch of messages is done… and then the list closes. Then I’ll send the second batch of messages.

So there’s about a day before the list closes for real.

Yes you can, the SST20 version is not available yet however.

“Hopefully” it will not be to long…. but that is unknown atm.