FW3A, a TLF/BLF EDC flashlight - SST-20 available, coupon codes public

You can buy any version listed in Neal’s shop.

I don’t know when SST-20 will be added, but he will add it when he is ready. There will probably be an announcement about it here too… but it’ll be in public, not in a private message.

You don’t have to choose the LED until you order. You may be interested to know, however, that the currently available option is low CRI (but good tint) XP-L HI’s at ~5000K and 3000K. Later on, there is expected to be a high CRI option at 4000K.

Can you please add me to the list for a second unit. I want to buy the hi CRI version too.

Thank you for the replies.

Anyway I ended up ordered the XPL version since SST20 ETA is soon but unknown. Might get one too when it is ready.

Got my first one ordered, thanks a whole bunch to the team!

I would also like to hop on for a second one to grab an SST20 version once they’re available.

I am #478 on the list, and I got my PM 5 minutes ago - 12:35 PST

I am on the list for 2 I haven’t decided If i am going to order an xpl-hi or wait for the 4K high CRI.

Thanks FW3A team.

I received no mail :frowning:

got my light ordered, thx

Ordered , thank you!

If your on the list you will get the PM (mail) in due time. They are being sent now every 95 seconds.

You are way down the list, it has not got to you yet.

Ok, I’ll wait then. Thanks ! :slight_smile:

You’re 463 on the PM list:


It hasn’t gotten to 563 yet… it just sent out #499.

This private message / ordering process is all a bit janky, but I hope it will be okay.

Your welcome. :+1:
I checked this too. You are on the PM List at #1432. :beer:

Order made.
Thank you

Ordered mine, cheers! It’ll look pretty on a shelf while the D4 does most the work lol

Please add a second light for me also. Would like the xpl and sst when available.

Please add me to the list for 2 lights. Thank you!

I have a stupid question.

I signed up for two FW3A's.

Will there be enough time to order one flashlight, wait until I get it (to see if I love it), and then order the second flashlight (if I love it)?

Order made, thanks guys. Any chance of one around 6000k ever being produced at all?

If only for Toykeeper and I, sometimes it seems like we’re the only ones who actually prefer cooler over warmer…

Add 2 more for me please. Many thanks.