FW3A, a TLF/BLF EDC flashlight - SST-20 available, coupon codes public

Please add me to the list for two more thanks!

Can someone elaborate this post?


/\ Interesting…. :+1:

just came here from a fb group - is it too late to be added to this list?! please count me in!

If you click on preorder on 1thedeals you will be redirected to neals website didn’t know they had an affiliate scheme? Or am I missing something? Is it just a way to “publish” the discount code?-

nvm see answers below

Order placed for 1 (I will wait for the SST-20 to have another of it later) :wink:

BTW, the winner of my FW3A Giveaway has been announced! Congrats to the winner and to the participants! :beer:

Here, I will thank again - because it is never to much - to the people involved in this project. Those who’ve left, those that remain, and in particular, without doubts, Toykeeper!! Thank you!

I do hope that this ordering/shipping/quality processes go well so that we can avoid a thread of +15000 posts :smiley:

The wait has been long, but, in The Miller’s words “It was done when it was done” :arrow_right:

Enjoy the light :beer:

Even if things go (relatively) perfectly, I would expect this thread to eventually reach over 15,000 posts.

Please add me to the list for 2 lights, thx :+1:

I’m pretty sure what’s going on at candlepowerforums is….
They are running a group buy, which is run differently than this one. They collect names that want one at a reduced price. After they collect enough names, they buy 100 of the item (or whatever number) all at once, this qualifies them for a reduced price. Then distribution happens all at once.
If you haven’t signed up here yet…. well, I don’t know if BLF early buy-in is canceled or not.

EDIT: About five hours ago ToyKeeper said “So there’s about a day before the list closes for real.”

Which means you have a little more time to sign up here. After that, try the CPF group buy.

Probably. If not, Neal can give you the GB price anyway since you signed up. You have from now until a few weeks after the SST-20 version starts shipping. That’s maybe 6-8 weeks at least.

It is common for Freeme to get coupon codes. It’s usually a little more expensive than the group buy price, but sometimes it’s the same. I don’t think his deal has gone active yet.

I’m on the list for 1x, before it closes I would like to increase by 1x for total 2x.

If it actually matters. I plan to order a single XP-L HI when my time comes but would be interested in another when the high CRI option becomes available.

Could You also add me to the list (1 light)?

Alrighty , ordered only one of mine for now even thou i am put down for two because i wanna get one with the sst-20 later on. Anybody else waiting for the other emitter variants before ordering?

Please put me in for a second FW3A group buy light.


Please add me to the list for one light.

the groupbuy never was "exclusive" or "limited"?

See it in that way:

the power of the forum made it happen to create such a great light!

Lumintop trusted us to buy enough so they financed the developing and other expenses.

in return we get the nice price and first batches

more sooner than later Lumintop will sell their BunnyButtonVersion to everyone...

please add me 1 more for the hi CRI version. thanks

I’m anxiously awaiting my PM!

Ordered … TLF/BLF FW3A CREE XPL HI 2800lm EDC LED Flashlight Andúril UI - CREE XPL HI 3D … :slight_smile:

I will order a few SST-20 when available … Many Thanks !!