FW3A, a TLF/BLF EDC flashlight - SST-20 available, coupon codes public

hm not sure, mine is paid and unfulfilled, but its the ww tint so it will be sent out after may 8th or so… neal said around 200 lights will be sent out and few have gotten sent out info already.

When someone said “other triples” the Emisar was the first to come to my mind, and it’s “retail” enough for me. The Jaxman certainly qualifies. I personally really prefer the Zebralight XHP50 (or 70) to triples, but there is something of a premium to be paid. Triples are fine, not a fan of more LEDs than that unless it’s something like a side-light or other special purpose thing. Really loved my RGBW Quark, even if it totally didn’t use the RGB to its capabilities.

As for feeling strange buying a flashlight because you “don’t need it,” I got a LOL out of that. I assume 99% of us are so past what we “need” it’s laughable, and at least half are buying new lights we’ll struggle to even find an occasional use for after the first month, much less justify the purchase as an “EDC”.

I “EDC” a Fenix LD01 I bought in 2010. Half a dozen other AA and 18650 Zebralights are an expensive, and comprehensive enough, collection to cover everything I might remotely call “need”. Add a few $10-$20 AA/14500s and a Convoy C2 for my sweetie to use around the house and not have to take care of. The rest is fun. If they stop being fun, or I can’t budget the money after accounting for savings and necessities, I’ll stop buying them.

I like small triples and quads. Due to the shorter optic, they can be made smaller than conventional single-emitter lights.

The lumen output of multi-emitter lights tends to be much higher than comparable sized single-emitter lights. They don’t throw as well, but they are excellent for short-to-medium range use.

In general, maybe, but the ZL 18650s are short enough and bright enough I have no complaints. The SC64 is the same length as an Emisar D4 and probably lower volume, and the XHP50 a few mm longer. The XHP are really “quad emitter.” And, I, too, am usually happy to give up throw for size. I have two throwy lights, and need one maybe twice a year. In general I really hate linear regulation, or the idea that a FET is “max power!” (it’s not, a switcher can have a lower output impedance than the battery and constant power as batt voltage falls), but some of the recent 18650 triples like this one are just too fun and affordable to be persnickety about.
Heck, I’d buy this one with a single XP-G just to play with TK’s firmware features, and the aesthetics.

There was talk earlier in this thread of a single emitter FW1A sometime in the future, although I don’t think it ever made it past the idea stage. I would definitely be down for one or two if it happened as for me single emitter + reflector provides the best general use beam type in this size.

I tend to view compact multi-die, single emitter lights and compact multi-emitter lights as in the same category.

I guess. Looking down the business end, they’re sure different, and the tech involved is different.

But, holding them as intended and using them… yep!

I’m guessing Lumintop will use the updated version for the next batch of drivers, but it’s probably not worth trying to reflash the already-produced drivers.

Chances are, people would not have even noticed the issue if I hadn’t mentioned it. It went unnoticed for months before maukka found it. It’s just a minor inconvenience which only affects one very specific UI flow. It doesn’t cause any significant problems.

Specifically, if the user configures the light for the stepped ramp, then ramps from off to the floor level, then lets go of the button… there is a 1-second delay before it can ramp up again. It’s only if they let go during a specific 0.4s window, and then press the button again within 1.0s. It doesn’t affect the smooth ramp, it doesn’t happen if the user simply keeps holding the button, it doesn’t happen if they let go at a higher level, and it doesn’t affect ramping if the light was already on.

In other words, it's a massive deal-breaking catastrophe that would sink the Starship Titanic.

Just kidding!

yes, for Germany shipping, the phone number is necessary.

But a FW3A candle doesn’t have the benefit of emitting fragrant carcinogens.

I’m in for 1! Thanks in advance!

I believe the ship has sailed, but the way this sale has been structured (not saying I know of a better way), it very likely doesn’t matter.

True enough, and you’re right, everyone will get one, but as #91, I feel you.

HaHa, this must be some kind of shipping lucky draw. Ordered the same 3D version right after code received and the status of mine still shows unfulfilled, yet this person way behind me(803 exactly) not only get one but two 3D already.

Don’t be so certain. :smiling_imp:

I certainly do like the smell of HF electrolyte in the air.

Seriously, I actually opened one in a fume hood, and smelling it, it was the smell of HF in the electrolyte.

Not really all that safe to burn…

Yeah, but following a thread for two years is a reward in and of itself. Maybe.

Will be possible to choose left silver color flashlight without bunny logo and when if somebody know ?

No choice of light color.