FW3A, a TLF/BLF EDC flashlight - SST-20 available, coupon codes public

Nope. The silver thing didn’t go well. After several anodizing attempts failed, the idea was cancelled.

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teacher and ToyKeeper,
thx for your answers


If you really want the bare aluminum silver color, it probably isn’t hard to get. You can soak the light in Greased Lightning for several hours to remove the anodizing.

Before attempting this I suggest checking all o-rings and removing the battery though. You do not want the Greased Lightning to get inside.

Since I don’t have the breadth of personal experience I figure I’d ask:I noticed Mtn. Electronics has a Nichia 219c 90+ cri 4000k board, that looks like it might fit,

How does the 219c compare to the sst-20 of the tint that's going to be included?

both seem to be well spoken of and I'm tempted to give in to my impatience and to try making the swap...

(I'm waiting for the sst-20 version ATM)

For everyone interested about the shipping, Neal just sent me a message that my order (i’m 1603 on this list or 1200 on TK’s) will be shipped after 8th of May and that he ran out of 7A option…

I ordered a 7a light also, but did not get a message, strange.

I have asked him cause i have 2 other orders also.

It will. The 219C has been popular for other triple builds. It has similar output to the SST-20 and less throw than either the XP-L HI or SST-20, but more throw than the LH351D. 219Cs can sometimes be a little green, but I would describe the 4000K 219Cs I’ve bought from mtn in the past as looking nicer than 4000K SST-20s, especially at low output.

7A are not on stock

they will be shipped starting 8th of May

I am no. 882, 883 on the interest list. Still nothing in inbox or am I doing something wrong¿.

your PM feature is disabled, like mine was! Enable it and get in touch with the team, please.


Sorry for being a bit slow, but how do I do that. Is being logget in not enough.

Go to MY ACCOUNT on the left, then EDIT, then under PRIVATE MESSAGES you should ENABLE them.
Don’t forget to hit SAVE afterwards.

Then you should contact the team from this thread with a PM.

Thanks for your help, Paradise.

You can also use clear narrow optics with 219C’s (and LH351D) and get a pretty good beam where as the SST-20 looks like some starburst and the XP-L HI only slightly less bad.

Normally when you create an account at BLF the PM system is on by default. I assumed you turned it off in your settings. If you didn’t turn it off then maybe it got turned off automatically somehow. It’s strange.

I think it's an awesome coincidence that one of the three people with PMs turned off ended up helping one of the other two :|

I memorized the names TK gave us and I was blown away that out of thousands of PMs, only 3 people had the feature switched off. That must be one of the only forums where this many users have a PM feature (as stated before, it is switched on by default) and also actively use it.

Since I am new here I actually switched the feature off and didn’t know why I would need it, completely forgot about the code from this thread.

Now we have to contact our friend “USA” and make sure he/she gets the code somehow. This light has to be in every hand globally.


Just checked my DHL tracking number (I paid for expedited shipping to CA).

It’s out for delivery!!! A day earlier than expected. :sunglasses: