FW3A, a TLF/BLF EDC flashlight - SST-20 available, coupon codes public


Green looks awesome …

Yeah it does! :heart_eyes:

Did you have to remove the o ring in the bezel for the lens to fit over the 10507?


No, just take the one piece optic out, make sure the O-ring in the bezel is seated properly, put the Carclo on the MCPCB, put the lens in the bezel, and put if together.

Ok, thanks. I didn’t really check the o ring and it seems like there is just a little gap that wasn’t there before. I’ll take another look at it.


Sure thing, my pleasure. Did you use a lens Neal sent you or an aftermarket one that was a bit thicker? If a thicker lens was used that could result in a minute gap.

must they keep posting pictures of their FW3A flashlights with aux LEDs?

(am I mistaken, are those trits or GITD things?)

Middle looks aux and the outer 2 look like trits to me.


It was the one Neal sent.i also was worried about spinning the optic so it may not be as tight as before.

On the newer ones the optic wont spin

/\ What he said…. :wink:

Thanks all, another partial turn closed the gap. Great light!

Mine doesn’t spin, but it isn’t stationary. It wiggles a little up and down and will move just a LITTLE clockwise and counter clockwise. Is that how it is supposed to be? Does that affect the thermal grease any?

Does the 10507 create artifacts in the beam edges (not a smooth ROUND circle) when you rotate the light? The one piece optic my light came with (sst20) put out a floody smooth circular beam. I liked it but it did take away a little throw. I put the carclo 10511 from my nichea light in it. Not as floody now but there are artifacts in the beam when you spin it. Wasn’t sure if the 10507 would make it worse.

I know - don’t spin it and problem solved. I know it’s there now though. Also for close in work, it’s just more obvious.

The 10507 will have more artifacts, especially close up. I only have it and the lumintop optic to compare though.

Not sure why it would go up and down but it will rotate a little cause the divot on the bottom is larger than the screw head so it will move a little.

As long as the screw head isn’t in one of the optic holes it’s fine. Thermal paste wont care either it gets smashed down when you tighten bezel

If you shine it on a flat surface you do see “artifacts” .
The closer the flat surface, the more obvious the artifacts.
They are also a bit more abvious with the 10507 than the 10511.

But in everyday use I hardly notice them at all. I guess it just boils down to personal preference as to what is acceptable. :+1: