FW3A, a TLF/BLF EDC flashlight - SST-20 available, coupon codes public

I guess both high drain and high capacity leaders. I haven’t used anything but 18650s in quite a while.

Not you, someone else.

Was it this…………

Removable ring is much better.

KawiBoy1428, that looks great. Incredible work. Also, that clip is lit. :+1:

Confused on whether this short version would work on the first version of the FW3A.
Other than that I would want it to be usable with a pocket clip.

That 18350 FW3A is awfully cute!

I say with removable rubber ring :wink:
And finally it is a reality :heart_eyes: I hope :wink:

Any news when this will be available?

Agreed, rubber ring. Also hoping there will be a clip, ideally deep carry considering the shortness.

18500 ;)


If I get some 3000mah Samsung INR18650-30Q’s for this do they need to be flat top or will button top work as well?

Flat top is best. I used a button top at first and had to stretch the springs to use a flat top afterwords. Only showed the problem in turbo, manifested as a slight flicker.

Just a quick and bad photoshopping to see how it would look like with the same reduction on both sides :

Has anyone found a deep carry clip that will work yet? I really think that is all this light needs to be perfect, had the same complaint about my Zebralight.

ok, thanks, sorry for the questions, just too many pages to read through. I have a ton of button top protected cells, but 0 unprotected flats, will 3000mah Samsung INR18650-30Q fit/contact + end in opus charger without a spacer?

Why does the 18350 version need an added tactical ring?

ah well, I can’t wait for answer, don’t want it to sell out at this price, I’m sure my chargers will be fine.

The only issue I see is with the tail cap. The inner and outer tubes would be replaced, but the new version apparently has shorter threads on the tube, so maybe also on the cap.

That looks MUCH better imo.

I haven’t found one yet, really wish someone would make one.

Sexy looking thing. But I have 4 x small triple/Quads now.

Wouldn’t mind one of the original clear aly ones though.
B4 the tapered body phase???.

Are there any avail anywhere??.