FW3A, a TLF/BLF EDC flashlight - SST-20 available, coupon codes public

That was an early prototype.

No production FW3As were manufactured without the tapered body.

Well, I prefer side switch flashlights so I resisted to buy a FW3A – until a few days ago when I saw the FW3A listing on Amazon DE and thought: “Let’s try it, everyone seems to have one.”

Yesterday I finally received it. What should I say. I’m absolutely not impressed. Partly because of my preferences, partly because of some production issues.

  • It had a brass driver retaining ring and a black switch retaining ring, so it should be one of the latest versions. No manual memory, though.
  • XP-L HI 3D: I like high CRI. But I wanted to test the version with higher intensity. Big mistake. Next time it will be the SST-20 version.
  • Cheapo optics, although the Amazon listing still says Carclo and glass.
  • Grease in the tail cap. Yeah, not on the threads, but in the tail cap. Everywhere. On the PCB and on the spring. This is after cleaning it up a bit:

  • Then I wanted to look at the MCPCB. I started unscrewing the bezel and noticed that the optics and emitters turn as well. Ooops… This version should have a screw that prevents this. OK, I continued while holding the optics in place. Removed the optics (with some thermal paste on it). And saw this:

    Cold solder joint which is also just partly soldered. And four holes (one for the screw), but there is no screw! The hole in the shelf for the screw is on the opposite side, but without screw.

Back into the box, back to Amazon. I definitely will try it again, but in the SST-20 4000 K version. I wonder if the 18350 version will come in a set with both battery tubes. And where to buy. Amazon has quicker delivery, but is more expensive (SST-20 currently 40 €, XP-L HI at 57 €, but was 42 € when I ordered it). But I’m not sure if I want to order from Neal, wait several weeks just to get the wrong version…

Fixed ring for me.

I asked neal 15 days ago in PM if he could arrange with Lumintop a small run of FW3A with the original design since it would just need a couple of changes to the external of the battery tube only…no answer. But if more people are asking for it, maybe with an interest list, Lumintop would willing to make it.
The one with both body reductions at a 90 degree angle with a tiny chamfer on angles like Fritz designed it.

Give it a try, all my orders from Neal were delivered within 2 weeks. My last order (FW3C) was delivered within 7 days. It’s much faster than Banggood for example.

I ordered an FW3A in bare aluminum and an FW3A Ti-Cu both with SST-20 4000K. I also paid for expedited shipping.

  • Ordered: August 8, 2019
  • Now: 20 days later, August 28, 2019.
  • Status according to Neal’s website: “Unfulfilled”

Everything I’ve ordered from Neal has arrived so I’m not worried. But I wouldn’t really rate his shipping as particularly fast either.

I placed a similar order. I suspect they are being held up by the raw aluminums as I haven’t really seen any in the wild yet.

I ordered two lights in separate orders the same day,
Both were marked shipped that night!
Both numbers track in China, which means just sit down and wait.

I would like to know too…mine broke! Anyone know?

Harbor Freight sells an assortment cheap.




Neal posted on FB that the FW1A will be available next month, in addition to 18350 and 18500 tubes for both it and the FW3A.

I’ll bite. What is the FW1A?

FW3A, but with a single emitter and reflector design instead of a TIR optic.


Does this mean they are lengthening the head to get the taller reflector to fit?

FW3 was my favorite light when I got it.
Then my Fire Flies E01 showed up.
I really love this light
only 1” longer, lit side switch, the throw on it is great. Rivals an L6. Not in total lumens of course, but the narrow beam penetrates like crazy. AND it can stay on turbo for a long time, handles heat very well.’
Too bad they stripped down the UI. Have an E07 on order, I know it does not throw that well, but smaller and 6900 Lumens.
I may have a new favorite light.

I’m not a facebook guy, can you link more info about the FW1A? It sounds like a must have.

There is no more information on the FW1A at this time.

You don’t have to go to facebook for info on this, i’m pretty sure all information will appear in this forum as soon as it is available.

Isn’t that light much larger? It’s 21700 sized.
The Lumintop EDC18 should be the side switch version of the FW3A. Same size, but can use protected cells, same UI, same Leds, lighted side switch, deep carry pocket clip, magnet in tail, etc…

I don’t pocket carry - pockets are full of guns, shield case and so on.
In a small belt holster, the difference in size is negligible, and the weight is about the same.
The E01 will run way longer on high, the FW3 quickly becomes too hot to hold.
The E01 has a narrow well focused beam, which has a throw that rivals an L6, while the FW3 is totally flood.
That being said, I have like 5 of the FW3 lights and they are great, the copper is stunning.
But I find the E01 more useful.