FW3A, a TLF/BLF EDC flashlight - SST-20 available, coupon codes public

Are we sure it’s got a reflector and not a single TIR?

If it has a reflector, I really hope it’s the same size as easily available Yajiamei Optics. Iove playing with optics and different LED’s.

Don’t like the stupid ring around your LH351D beam in a reflector? Pop on a beaded optic. Enjoy the magic!

I would probably prefer a single TIR optic, but I’m excited about either.

I was hoping for a TIR as well, will have to see what fits.

I’ve always liked the large hotspot in good single TIR lights. We will have to wait and see. I wonder which LED will be used, and how bright it will be.

Maybe they can use a big fat MCPCB like in the Ti model and fit a TIR or reflector by just swapping MCPCB size. Wishful thinking…

Those are all way too big to replace the pocket clip/inner tube o-ring. According to my measurements I think they are around 18mm x .5mm. I have no idea where to source them, but now I need two. And any bigger, the light won’t work. :person_facepalming:

So I just got a second OG gray FW3A from Amazon because the deal with a coupon code was too good to pass up. As soon as I picked it up I noticed it felt different in the hand. The anodizing is noticeably smoother and slick on the new unit. The knurling pattern on the head and tail is also much shallower and feels smoother to the touch. The tail button in the new unit is slightly less tactile when both are pressed dead center but when pressed off center, the older one gives a slightly mushy feedback while the newer one retains its click.

Nothing bad about the changes, though I think I do slightly prefer the more matte hand feel of the older unit.

Click the photo for higher resolution (8067x5472).

amazon coupon code?
I need one for a neighbor

I pre-ordered a purple unit from Neal, and tracking currently shows it to be delivered Tuesday 9/3.

I’m reasonably sure the code is expired now, but keep an eye on this thread to see if another one pops up.

Thanks… On Reddit, I found illumn.com is having a 0 or 25% sale

I purchased a FW3A on 6/23 but the tracking number Neal gave me didn't work and he never replied to my email. What is the best way to contact him?

Don’t worry, he’ll sort you out. You can pm Neal here . Also, I hear he replies pretty quickly on Facebook messenger if you have access to that.

are the copper ones coated now??
I opened mine, washed it and attempted to force patina with baking soda and warm water. The effect was negligible after 4 hours.
like zero effect.
I thought it would be easier

Try something much stronger: citric acid/vinegar + salt.

Remove it from the solution, and let it air dry.

If this doesn’t oxidize it, then it is coated.

Haven’t seen it mentioned here yet… Neal posted on TLF saying 21700 version is also in the works!

Ill try some more, Just acetone’d it….

If someone could respond….couldn’t find answer.
Curious…is the “candle” strobe/flicker (and lightning) mode adjustable in brightness? Or is it preset like most blinkies?

You can hold to increase and tap hold to decrease brightness just like in the normal mode.