FW3A colors and FW3C sandblasted,FW3T start to preorder

I dont know for the Ti`s , but as U say the FW3A is 52.51 gr and the fullbody Copper is 122.71 gr.

Doesn’t sound promising…

I ordered the Ti-Cu FW3A version on August 12 and received it on Monday, 8/19/19. It is totally non-functional. Installing a fully charged battery (I am using the one that came installed in the light from the factory, after charging) will either result in no light or the light will flash after about 1 1/2 turns of the head and then come on once the head is fully screwed down. It then may ramp up to full output and then back down to minimum and back again or other wise act like the switch is being held down. Pressing the tail switch has no effect. I have removed and re-tightened the driver ring to no effect. Could a shorted tail switch cause this?

As a real new guy to these lights, any suggestions would be welcome.


Well damn, I ordered mine on Aug 7th with express shipping and still have not recieved shipping info. :cry:

Bummer. Sounds like a bad switch.

Thanks, Geuzzz…. I had read that. My tail cap seems to be dis-inclined to come off (at least with these old, arthritic, hands!). Short of using a pair of 36 inch pipe wrenches (which I have handy….), what non-destructive to my shiny new $95 flashlight disassembly method is recommended? And, once the switch is disassembled, what can I do to fix it? I see from the discussions above that a too thick button may be the problem. If so, how do I acquire a replacement? (BTW, I have reached out to the vendor, but have not yet received a reply).

Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

If you have a piece of rubber (like part of a bicycle innertube), that could be used to protect the finish of your light while you turn it with something more grabby like those pipe wrenches you mention. Rubber strap wrenches would be better though.

As for contacting Neal, I have had the best luck by sending him a PM here on BLF. I believe he is the OP of this thread, and there should be a “send PM” button next to his name. I’d recommend mentioning your order number in the PM so he’ll know you were actually a customer.

Neal has been slow to respond by email and occasionally by PM. He will get to you eventually though, so be patient. There are some culture, time zone, and language differences at work here, as well as his busy schedule as a business owner and new father. I had to wait a couple of weeks once, but he did eventually solve my issue. I have asked him for spare parts for one of my lights (I broke a part while modding something else) and he was happy to sell them to me. I believe others have been shipped broken or defective lights and he has made it right for them.

Maybe the delay will ensure that you get a working example…

Thanks. I’ll PM Neal as you suggest. …

My last aluminum had the same issue. The tiny switch on mine had almost no resistance to being pressed. Just the pressure of the rubber and switch button made it turn on and ramp up and down. They have changed something in the switch, my very early original with the black clip has a very tactile switch, each newer one gets less and less press resistance.

What did you do to resolve the issue?

Without disassembling the switch mine is very “clicky”… tactile. In fact, it feels pretty much just like my first FW3A (received it just a few weeks ago). But, it behaves as though it were bypassed.

I went back to the vendor, they are sending me a switch board. I suspect if you are getting a good click, the issue may be elsewhere. It could be a failed switch, I would check all of the retaining rings as well. Be sure to install the tailcap first, add the battery and close with the head.

My tailcap acts like it has heavy duty thread locker on it… Can’t remove it by hand. Just back from Harbor Freight with some rubber strap wrenches…. Though, I am tempted at this point to wait until I hear back from the vendor


Ordered mine then too and it has not shipped, but patience is a virtue. Perhaps it depends upon which emitter and body we ordered, as well as what else is in the order. But it will arrive before autumn when we start needing it most. Let us know when you get yours, best of luck.

I ordered a polished Ti with the XPL and you’re right patience is a virtue, shame I have no patience though lol.

No more waiting for these colors, arrived today @ NEALSGADGETS

I got my shipping notification this morning…. Can’t wait for my blue one!

My Cu one is supposed to be here DHL today, haven’t seen it yet

Nature doing its natural course on copper: