FW3A colors and FW3C sandblasted,FW3T start to preorder

I see your pic :+1: I wasn’t thinking clearly and thought you had a raw aluminium already :blush:

Coupon code please!

Is that the polished or stonewashed titanium that is in the pictures in the first post? (directly under the 2 copper)

For those interested in my diffusers, I posted the files. Flashlight Diffuser by tjmorrison - Thingiverse

Meanwhile, @ Neal’s:

Am I too late to get the 25% off?

Wow! That pic came out huge. Any 1st to make it smaller?

When you click the “Insert Image” button, use the “relative width” option and set it to 30-50%:

Then, preview the post before clicking “Save” to make sure it is right.

Works for me

You can go back and edit your post to change the size as well… just add “{width:50%}” (without the “) after the first ”!” in your image link

Got it! Thanks!

Incoming! :partying_face:

Thanks Neal!

One code please, Neal.

2 x FW3A and one FF E07, all from you.

The gun metal grey color is outstanding. I’m trying to figure out which emitter to order. I prefer cool white normally…but dislike blue and green tints.

Anyone recommend which led would be closest to “snow white” please…?

Thanks for your help.


Wow, the amount of FW3As per capita in Uruguay just took a big jump

Got the DHL notice this morning…FW3 Ti and Ti/Cu will be delivered today… a day early! :+1:

Still waiting on shipping info for my Ti light :frowning:

Got them…. had a couple minor issues… chips, loose driver ring, tail cap button that is too thick, soon as I installed the cell the light ramped up. Fixed it with a spare FW3A button I had.

The driver shelf isn’t keyed on these 2 it’s a normal driver shelf (driver can rotate). The MCPCB shelf didn’t have the anti-rotate screw in either of them nor was it tapped for them. All threads are (were) a bit gritty, I tore the Ti/Cu down and polished it inside and out, will finish it on the big wheel at work… maybe implement the cool clip on the Ti….

Thanks Neal! :+1:

To bad we have to tweak them, mine is almost here according to tracking. What material is the talcap on the to lights?

Any chance you have a scale and can weigh these? The specs page for each light lists 53g, which can’t be right for copper and Ti.