FW3A mod thread. Post yours!

The ‘extension’ is something i lathed up. Very similar to the washer pic below. It is just a press fit (finger press). Not glued because I didn’t know if i would like it. Been edc’ing for several days now. No issues at all wtih accidental turn on. The extension has also not slipped off despite only being pressed on finger tight. Definitely a worthy mod IMO.

This is the post, where does the white wire on the negative side go?

battery ground on driver
the positive can be also used with MCU with a proper flashed Firmware to enable it

and don’t worry the board version with the outer lane to crack sometimes is fixed a long time ago
stupid fab placed the break drills too wide into the board

Alright thanks, I’ll have to open mine up when I get your board and see what I can find

Just a little work in progress…….


Thanks, still fine tuning it a bit. I need to get another o-ring for it though, forgot to take it out before I started removing the anodizing and it has now disappeared. The glass lens rattles a bit without it. :person_facepalming:

Picture makes it look pretty deep crenelations for what “meat” is left on that bezel. I guess it’s an illusion or there is more material than it seems to work with. Interesting!

Still a little bit left on the bezel. If you look closely to a stock bezel you can see there is two angles,the one closest to the lens is probably 1mm thick. I stopped at the top of that one.

Oh and I found the o-ring, it was on the garage floor. :smiley:

Finally finished this FW3C for the wife:

I swapped the emitters for some LH351D’s (the venerable “dogfarts” at 5000k) and added an “ice blue” AUX board from Lexel. Some hand polishing and a bit of wax to keep it a little more shiny for good measure.


How’s the tint and beam profile? Looking at swapping in some dogfarts I’ve got kicking around on another FW3A incoming.

I like it. It’s my idea of a perfect “neutral white”, and pretty floody. My wife is not really into flashlights (yet) but she does like this one.


Viry Narce :heart_eyes:

I guess you could call it a hat rod

So was playing around with the bezel again, planned to polish it to a mirror shine but didn’t like how it was turning out.

Decided to take a red scotch bright pad to it for more of a brushed/machined finish. Will probably live on my FW3T and it matches better than on the FW3A imo.

The aluminum is a little lighter in color than the titanium in pics but in person it’s almost identical.

Just ordered an FW3C. Does anyone think it’s possible to form a penny into the shape of the tail button? Don’t know if it would deform too much if I could make a steel die and press a penny into the right shape. Thoughts?

Not sure if it is possible (could be), but I think it’s a cool idea.

Dang, that looks great.

I have to disagree. If I can’t get TK Special buttons, the rabbit button is a cool alternative.