FW3A mod thread. Post yours!

question… I just got a fw3a from amazon, but it came with the plastic optic and no glass lens. I have some carclo optics, but I dont have the glass lenses… anyone know where we can get them? (23mm x 1.5mm ?)


I’ve ordered from here once before (but not this size specifically), they are plain glass lenses in tons of sizes:

And the other option is a slightly smaller, slightly thicker UCL lens with AR:

FlashlightLens.com - Your source for high quality glass and acrylic flashlight lenses. - Flashlightlens.com - Online Store (store is closed for order for a week or two)

The stock AR ones have a decent amount of tint shift but neither of the above ones should have that problem.


I have a few spare stock lenses I could send you one…no charge… :wink:

Anyone have an extra rubber ring from their FW3A that they don’t plan on using? Looking to pick up an extra one or two. PM me.

So what’s the most popular led for direct replacement on XP-L HI boards , the Samsungs?

LH351Ds, yes.


WTB trit switch that sits flush

A switch thin enough to sit flush would not be thick enough for trits. It is one or the other.

It can be done.

PM address I send switch CRX. I will give you a 5 star review

Ah! Very clever CRX. Using the inside of the button!

Stone wash Ti clip on Brushed Ti/Cu FW3….Polished Ti clip for the mini… kicking around idea’s where/which end to mount and or modify the clip?

Kinda looks like a Bug… wonder if they make colored Ti screws…. Red Eye’s and Red Trit’s in the tail?

Ti Bug Noir…


What clip is that —-Awesome looking

Neal’s Gadget’s HTP WORKS Titanium Clips For Hanko Barrel OKLUMA CWF Boss Reylight Fl – Nealsgadgets

+1 Thanks

I haven’t been edc’ing this much because I’ve had trouble pushing it in my pocket without pushing the button. But today I might have cured that. I’ll see how it goes.

I had a similar idea - I’m looking forward to hearing about your experience with it. How did you attach the extension?

It’s it seems to work. Someone else used a washer attached with e6800. I’ve thought about it, I just haven’t bit the bullet.