Fw3a ss for 37 euro direct lumintop AE

Lumintop and aliexpress are having so nice deals right now

Fw3a stainless steel for 37 euros free delevery

I’ve allready got a Fw3a grey , but can’t resist the SS version with nichia leds

Should I buy it ?

Are you really gonna use it ?

Maybe I’d use the SS and the grey would be a backup :laughing:

Backup= on the shelf :laughing:

What did you have to go and tell me that for! grr! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m hoping they all sell out before I order it :wink:

SS is 46 euros on aliexpress for me. the Aluminium one is 37…

Fans exclusive discount is minus 32%

And I have a 1.88 euro discount also

It makes it 37 for me

Follow lumintop and you might get the same pal

i stood upon a high place

Ok I see. I think aliexpress does this to keep the sales going. If corona virus keeps on going everything will go on sale.

I just got one last week and really like it. I got the 3d as I already had a SST-20 in grey.

Be advised, it is at least as heavy empty as the aluminum model with battery…

I like the switch better on the stainless model, so far it works like clockwork.

I would get one if I were you.


Ordered :slight_smile:

I saw the subject and I ’m trying to convince myself that I don ’t need this flashlight. After all, I couldn ’t, I bought, only my price is 41 euros.

Do you have lumintop on your following list ?

Same here

Just followed Lumintop (i though i did already actually)

Edit, is 38,50 now

Our wife’s must think we are crazy :laughing:

At me this store did not stand at my subscription, now changed and the price became less than 38.66 euros, but it is too late.

Not just my wife, I think I ’m crazy. :person_facepalming:

You’re not alone :wink:

it arrived after 12 days

its heavy

its shiny

its bright

its nice

attention to detail, it has a serial number on it

did i mension its heavy

its beautyfull

and heavy


starting be come a obsession . even thinking abuot buying another SS fw3a

unless there is a fw1a pro in SS :open_mouth: