FW3A Troubleshooting / FAQ

I’m talking about as with any light in a sphere/tube —from the initial turn on point there’s a slow ramp down ( why most specs are at 30 sec etc ) with many lights it stops are slows considerably —- with a fet driven light — depending on the cell it continues to slowly ramp down —- with the FW3A using a Pany B or old Samsung laptop pull it’s a continuous ramping down because even though the output is lower it still gets hot therefore kicking in the thermal protection

Just to be clear at the top of the ramp your cell type should not matter much, only the voltage since it’s using 7135 and no FET.

I would think with a half charged cell my light could sustain max ramp longer but I think the code errs on being more safe than necessary. I think there’s room for improvement here. Wish more lights had a temp sensor on the MCPCB.

Pretty much so —- But there are slight differences between a Pany B and a VTC5A at the top of the ramp

I kind of like Turbo timers — I guess because I’ve fooled with them a lot more —— A S2+ running guppy I set the Turbo at 20-25 seconds it’s done —- You still have to work around Heat issues though—-But manually

Could anyone tell me how to activate manual memory? I’ve set the level where I want and clicked 5 times, but it’s not working. Thanks.

The FW3A doesn’t have manual memory by default. Could be accomplished by changing the fw.

Hmm, so either this diagram is wrong or I got an older version of the firmware I guess.

When was that diagram added? I’ve never seen that one before.

It shows a lot of things not on the FW3A, like aux lights.

Maybe this will be the newest version of the FW3A which is not out yet (iirc).

That is the chart from the D4V2 and the E07
Note the reset.

That diagram was posted in the FW3A original thread 5 months ago.

Pretty sure it just links to a picture TK changed

Impossible, TK just wrote the reset code for the FW3A on 6-27-19 (about 2 months ago). FW3A Troubleshooting / FAQ - #554 by ToyKeeper

I think she sent it to Lumintop shortly after that. Some people have flashed their own lights, but I don’t think this newer firmware has showed up on factory lights, yet. Maybe it has shown up on a few, I seem to recall people saying they have 2 different lockout mode brightness levels. That’s a sign of the new firmware, right? I’m not positive on this.

what does ‘13H’ from off mean? How does one do that please?

@JasonWW Right, I think contactcr is correct that the linked picture changed.

@saypat I believe it means 13 clicks and hold on the last one.

I’m pretty sure it means 13 fast clicks, but I’m not sure what the H specifically means.

EDIT, 13 fast and Hold does make sense.

Regardless when it was posted its not for a FW3* light, see below.


Nothing for people with an FW3* light

This right here. It’s for a different light than the FW3*.

on my newest light from Vipon deal I have a Flash midway before the ceiling flash — I was wondering what that was—I guess I inadvertently set a memory point — I’ll try and reset it to verify

I tried to move that flash midway - no dice - I guess that flash means something else

The flash indicates when you switch between 7135x1 regulated mode and 7135x8 mode. This is a set point and can’t be changed. As far as I know, all FW3x lights should do this.

Boy these clear tail cap o rings are certainly fragile.
I’ve lost 2 of them to slicing whilst twisting tail cap.

You missed the part where he said his other FW3A lights did not have this extra flash. This must be a new thing. (it might be the ceiling was set a bit higher causing 3 blinks)

If it’s not the transition from 1 to 8 7135 it is the transition from 7135 to FET.