G700 flashlight

I just received the G700 flashlight for Christmas. I have literally bought a $1 flashlight at Walmart that’s better. This is the biggest scam on the net. My maglite embarrasses this light and was cheaper. This company needs to be shut down


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If you want, post a review here of it. Put some beamshots vs your maglite and it will come up in searches, maybe you can help someone else avoid a bad purchase!

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Do a little research before your next purchase. ;)



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Don’t even go to the website. I did and now they email me twice a week about there military break through technology that will save your life.

I got co-workers emailing bout this. I tell them I can buy the same light for $6-$8 from several sources. It's scary they can get away with it - the ads are everywhere...

But then again, I'll buy a light promising 2000 lumens for $12, go figure... But of course I accept their lies on lumens - it's just common practice Smile.

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I got the same one but ultrafire i think, it was around £4 that was a year or two back

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