Gallbladder problem

My sister's gallbladder is causing problems and probably has to be removed.

She's been at the emergency room/hospital for about ten hours now.

She was experiencing a lot of pain.

She didn't want to take any painkillers as that may mask symptoms.

She was supposed to get an MRI about an hour ago.

I have to babysit while she's gone.

Babysitting is really easy, but I have to stay awake.

I took some caffeine about half an hour ago and started to watch a movie.

I hope my sister is okay, and I hope she doesn't get stuck with a huge medical bill.

She has insurance, but sometimes people get stuck with bills when they get medical care from the wrong individuals.

About ten years ago, she had to have her appendix out.

Then recently she had to have her tonsils removed.

Now it's the gallbladder.

I told her that if she has heart problems, they'll have to take that out too.

I'm not good for much, except sometimes comic relief.

I've been very lucky when it comes to medical problems and hospitalizations.

I've only been hospitalized once - when I was born.

I hope to keep it that way, but we'll see.

Is she the famous rattle snake slayer?

Or isn’t she. Anyway. I wish her, and you, the best.

And that her insurance may cover the bills. Pretty much the same over here.
Not every insurance company covers the bills of every docter/procedure.
You have to check out what and where before you check yourself in.

Yep, she killed the rattlesnake.

She did have a four foot wall in between, otherwise she would have been bitten.

But you won't find me messing with any dangerous snake!

Good luck for your sister!

My wife had hers removed by the Da Vinci surgical robot. It was an out patient procedure. In in the AM out in the PM.
The worst part was the recovery. They pump you up with a bunch of Co2 in order to separate all the innards.
Hope everything works out for the best.

I’ve had two “in in the AM, out in the PM” operations. Though it were laparoscopic procedures.
General anesthesia because I’m not interested in the ride. Just wake me up when we’re there.
Little piece of tape on the incision(s) and off you go.
A day or so later I had a sore pain in parts in my body that were not even close to the incision.
So it may look to be “lean and clean” on the outside, it can be pretty rough on your intestins.

Edit: About “in in the AM, out in the PM”. They make sure you check in before noon. So they can bill your 5½ hour stay as a full day. And don’t say you had to wait till 2pm before they put you in a bed. The clock starts ticking as soon as you pass the reception.

It was a little funny and a little disturbing when the nurse said to “help her up and get her home, the only thing she is going to get here is sick” the longer your in the hospital the more chances of getting something you didn’t bring in.

My mom went with my sister to the ER/hospital.

They just got home.

They were gone for about fourteen hours.

The doctors don't know what's wrong with my sister, but it's not her gallbladder!

My sister needs to see a gastrointestinal specialist.

The mystery deepens.

Wish her luck !

Hope they found her GB wasn’t the problem—before they removed it.

Seems the medical industry is more interested in
Huge profits, than in caring for their client patients.

Best Wishes.

hope she gets better

I hope they can figure out what’s wrong with your sister soon racoon city. Not knowing sucks.

Surgical technology and medical knowledge have advanced a lot over the past few years. A few years from now, there will be advances that make the current state look primitive. So, she can hold out until then, or get it removed now.

Best of luck and God bless you and yours!

Looked fast and thought the subject was “gladiator problem”, and wondered just wotnahell you were doing now

Yeah, lotta medical problems are like car problems. Experts are like, “Let’s try this…” then “let’s try that…” and so on, ’til they maybekindasorta hit on the problem, running up the tab the whole time. :confounded:

Let’s hope they find the problem fast.

Gladiator problems are easy to solve.
[video: Indiana Jones - Arab Swordsman Scene - YouTube]


When she went to Urgent Care earlier in the week, they thought it was her gallbladder.

The actual problem is with her liver, and this particular problem generally makes doctors think it's a problem with the gallbladder.

She's not in pain any more, though we don't know why.

I'll provide more info when it comes in.


The problem is called liver hemangioma.

No more Single malt. Nor Brandy. Nor Rum.

Coffee only. with a bit of Black Tea.

Flush it out. She’ll live for another 40 yrs.

Do NOT let them do a BIOPSY to your liver.
They do it while you awake.
just a little local for the 10inch needle to slide in there.
Then look out.

after his fifth go and missing. My fist was ready.
Again??. and you get this mate. forget it.

It Tingles.
I got 13 Ulcers and one something else deep in the centre…

Used to drink a little when younger.
Case of Brandy a week+. After going through beer for a decade or so.

Dumb ass was too dumb to find it to get a biopsy.
Hmm. I’m still here though…

Gall Bladder is nothing. It also controls what you can and can’t eat for rest of your life too.
It tells you. ughhh. or chucka. chuck chuck.
10 yrs after it.
I got a Hernia above my belly button.
Cutting through the muscles gives a weak spot there.
I used my body core a lot. Paddling and weights.