Gardening Knives - can anyone recommend one?

Got into gardening quite a bit of late, knowing quite a few of you are into knives, i wondered was there a good, budget gardening knife out there - it must be able to be posted/bought in the UK.
I look forward to any replies from someone else who’s a bit green fingered.

I didn't even know about gardening knives!

We have gardening scissors, which works for medium duty tasks.

I'm thinking gardening knives would be for heavy duty tasks.

Yes RC, it’s something like this I’m looking for - possibly a nice Damascus one if not too expensive. I think it’s proper description is a ‘pruning knife’

What are you looking for in a gardening knife? What aspect will you actually be using it for? For just a knife, Opinel’s are usually a safe bet. Personally I like the Leatherman Wave, or Surge. The pliers and wire cutters are always useful, as is the saw. They have a straight blade and also a serrated which is brilliant on rope. Plus all the other functions they have!

Opinel has a few folding pruning models.

The Number 8 Pruning Knife looks similar to the one you’ve posted.

The Number 10 Billhook Knife has a sharper curve to the blade, near 90°.

Both have stainless steel blades and wooden handles.

I don’t own either one, but I have a few other similar Opinels. Nice knives for a low price.

I want it for trimming off bit’s of plants, unwanted tomato branches etc. The curve sort of cuts into your thumb (like an anvil) and I think is why it’s curved maybe.

I use a very old Bark River Bravo 3v modded to a spear point for a lot of gardening tasks including weeding, but thats out of your specified budget and isn’t optimal anyway (except in terms of toughness for sticking the blade in soil x100).

Try searching for Japanese Pruning knife. Japanese have long history in both steel making and gardening (and designs remain pleasingly rustic).

First click on doing this search returned this:

I found that my very light gardening works (cut out some young trees) best suitable very light (so my pants stand up :slight_smile: ) and one hand opening with cloves knife. I use Kanzo F759M
Of course, if you want to do serious gardening work then goshdogit suggestion are good.

Hori Hori or an opinal...