[GAW] 1000 posts -X3-'s giveaway

How time flies…
2.5 years on this wonderful forum and more than a thousand more or less interesting posts !
It’s my turn to do something for this community :slight_smile:

Some of you know that I was an Olight reviewer for about one year, and I enjoyed modding their products :slight_smile:

So I’m giving away my S10R II triple XP-G2 3C.
It’s a simple mod, with a triple board from KD and the optic that is supplied with.
I made a copper spacer, filed the stock pill and fitted everything in.
It’s not waterproof anymore, because I didn’t find a thin enough o-ring to fit between the bezel and optic.

Of course, the charger base is given away with the light !

Now for the rules :

  • You have to be a member of BLF before 02/02/2017
  • Have at least 10 posts (and by posts I don’t mean the “I’m in” in every possible giveaway…)
  • Post a picture of your favourite modded light (in your collection or not)

EU members will have free shipping, all others are welcome but I may ask a little amount to cover the extra shipping fees :email:

EDIT : one entry per member, please delete any double post to keep it fair :slight_smile:

EDIT II : Maybe an end date would be good to announce :wink: let’s say February 10th 20h GMT

And we have a winner : CRX
Congratulations, I’ll write you a message asking for your address :slight_smile:

Nice light.
My Convoy S8 + KD Nichia triple

My naked S2+ with MT-G2 with single cell boost driver

My modded is Trustfire X6.
1st dedomed SST90 got 78,000cd
2nd XM-L U2 new driver got 87,000cd
3rd XM-L2 U2 1C stock driver 145,000cd
4th XM-L2 U2 1C dedomed , stock driver
5th now XHP35 Hi , Boost driver from Gearbest , 1400lm 200,000cd

Ooh, a triple GAW…count me in please! :slight_smile:

Green Convoy S2+ triple 219C R8000, attached to a kiriba-ru copper pill.

For some reason it is hard to pick a favorite light……

This is top 3 for sure though:

10,000 lumens, good neutral tint (although sadly not high cri), Narsil ramping firmware on a Texas Avenger driver. It lights up everything while fitting in your hand.

My favourite one, would like to own something like this.

All credits to Rufusbduck

Okay, I’m in! I think I have enough posts to qualify, so for my favorite modded light (at least, the one that gets used the most), I’ll post my favorite EDC:

Purchased from Manafont in its original form sometime in 2012:

TrustFire F20: Originally shipped with a basic XR-E emitter of some unknown bin, the first mod was to replace the emitter with a first-gen XM-L U2 emitter. I then replaced the reflector with one that was a more subdued OP. I have subsequently replaced the XM-L with an XM-L2 emitter, replaced the switch, and finally, removed the original 5-mode/blinkie driver with a 1.4A Nanjg 101-AK-A1 driver with the blinkies disabled. I have become increasingly attached to this light as I haven’t yet found a comparable replacement. Easily modded, deep-carry clip, no edges to catch on pockets, but good knurling for grip. It’s been lost several times, but so far, I’ve always been able to find it again. Approaching five years of EDC use has resulted in some wear to the anodizing that really gives the light character.

Anybody else notice POK’s creepy eyeball flashlight? :laughing:

i am in!

i like my 1405

My Klarus XT12GTS

To fit an oring in your light sand diwn the spacer a mm?

I’ve never given a whole lot of thought to modded lights.

One homemade light by CRX happened to catch my eye when he posted this thread about it.

Sorry I can’t put pics up but there are a whole load on his thread - I just love the symmetry of it, the cold-blued finish, the sparse switch, the fact it has been knocked together with copper tube and a few other bits and bobs. I think it is superb and I wish I had 1/100th of his ability.

So, I may be excluded from the GAW because (a) I haven’t posted a pic and (b) it isn’t a modded light, it’s a creation.

Anyway, if I can be in, then great.


Extremely classy looking light

My simple S2+ triple, FET 1, 219B 4500k 92 CRI

Nice light you are giving away!
thanks for the excitement and slim chance of winning it, so heck yeah i am in!

Again that question about favorite mod, dang very very hard!
all those things made by the machinists are not modded because made from scratch, that makes it a bit easier

all the wood, triples, insane builds, very tough
so I go again with the modded JM30

Edit for both bump and to say to X3 I really like this topic, cooool!

I’m in!

Convoy s2+ triple

Hopefully I will soon try to build my own…

I still very much like my B158. My first proper dedome, slim body ect.

This is my favorite mod I have seen so far. Credit goes to Match for this!
I am in, please.

Although not a hot-rod by any means, this was my most fun light to mod. Sadly I gave it away :cry:
And thanks for the GAW!

Not mine but i wish to have one in my collection

One of these 2 will get the favored status…