GAW - FiTorch P20R (contest is now over) Congrats to AlexGT

If you haven’t had the opportunity to read my review of the FiTORCH P20R, you can find it here: FiTORCH P20R Review

I’d like to thank FiTORCH for making this possible. They donated the P20R so I could do a review on it and then give it to one of you.

Hopefully the winner will choose to provide their own thoughts in a different review of the P20R (that is NOT a requirement though).

The winner will receive everything that came with the FiTORCH P20R – that means there is no battery included.

The P20R has been used for the purpose of writing my review. It remains in excellent condition, but it has been used.

Now for the “fine” print…

Please read all of the “fine print.” It contains specific information regarding the shipment of the P20R

Winner will be chosen on November 8th, 2017.

Winner will be selected by use of a random number generator.

Please enter by way of making a post in response to this post. Please make only one post, as I will use your post number as your entry number.

You can enter by simply posting your desire to enter - “I’m in” will do just fine. If you’d like to say a bit more – perhaps what you like most about the P20R or how you’d use the P20R – it would be appreciated greatly.

I will ship the P20R in a flat rate Priority mail package (small box) via the United States Postal Service.

Since shipping is on my dime, I have to restrict the contest to those living in the United States….


You’re willing to pay the difference in shipping costs – and all related taxes, etc… that could be involved.

If you live outside of the United States and you wish to enter this GAW – that is fine as long as you are prepared to fund the difference in shipping costs. I believe my cost for shipping via flat-rate priority mail will be something around $8 – so anything above that amount would be your burden to bear.

Good Luck

I’ll take the dreaded #1 spot… I’m in.

Thanks for the giveaway, Tahts-a-dats-ago!

I'm in.

Count me in and cheers!

Nice to do a GAW!
Wanted to for my review lights but post is dang expensive so I totally get US restriction here, and not in but wanted to thank you!

I’m in.

Cool light, I’m in!

Please count me in. Looks like a fine flashlight.

Nice light, please count me in. Of course I’d pay for the shipping.

great giveaway! please count me in.

Me in too…

Count me in! I will pay extra for shipping. I want to use it as an always in my bag EDC.

I’m in.

G’day I’m in cheers :beer:

I’m in!

I’m in.

I am in.

I’m in

I’m in. Thanks. Would make a good light for the toolbox at work.

I’m in!