GAW for a Surefire 6PD/9PD tail-cap workaround. ENDED

Influenced by another forum I bought myself a Surefire 6PD, and a drop-in. That was a very long time ago.
Not so long ago I managed to burn the switch and as a result rendered a > €100 flashlight useless.
Because SF no longer replaces Z58/Z59 switches. And sellers in the USA usually don’t export to individuals.
(even if they do, shipping plus customs are killing the deal).
After some thinking and trying, I found a workaround that would fix things. See HERE.

And it worked! But since I made two of them (just to be certain), I have one set left.
So if you are facing the same problem with a non working (Z58/Z59) Surefire tailcap, looking like below

You might be able to fix that with help of the set of items shown next to it.

All you have to do to win this set you enter the words “I’m IN” and be a member before Sept 1st 2019.
Sunday Sept 22nd I feed your posts into If necessary again, untill there is a valid winner.
He/she has five working days to provide me with an address. And I will sent it as letter-mail.

Since this is my GAW, I have the right to change, or make new, rules if this clarifies the process.


Apparently I over-estimated the need for such a workaround in Europe.
So I extended the GAW to everyone who is a member before Sept. 1st 2019.
And posts the words “I’m IN”.

I’m IN!
Have Z58 and i wanna make proper clicky again

Seems you and me are the only members with a non-functional Z58/Z59 tailcap.

BTW: last time I checked Croatia was part of Europe :wink: and still is, according to PostNL.

Oh only says that we are too old when nobody loves these beauties anymore.

Soon youngsters here won’t remember Surefires at all :(

Yes, we are neighbours. Well sort of, EU is one country now (as they say) and Croatia is south.


So far in the race, chances for one specific winner are pretty good :wink:
Edit - back from a midweek holyday with my blood relatives and BUMP again!

Thanks for the GAW. I just found my 6P which I bought long before I got my first led flashlight from EagleTac.

Its tailcap isn’t working anymore, so I’m IN :slight_smile:

I’m in :slight_smile:

Last chance. Only 24 hours to go.

On one side I’m a bit surprised there was so little interest in this budget friendly solution.
On the other side I’m glad there were hardly any Surefire Z58/Z59 tailcaps that needed to be replaced.

I'm surprised as well...

GAW is closed now.
No new entries allowed.

I will be back with a winner after I have fed the entries in



I was a bit surprised that there was little interest in a fix for a broken Surefire Z58/Z59 tailcap.
On the other hand, that is a good thing because these items can and will cost you an arm and a leg.

So there were only 3 members who were “IN”.
1 id30209
2 Paul59
3 XXX-man

And according to #1 is the winner.

Congratulations id30209, please PM me your address, and I will send the set as soon as possible.


PM coming

Parcel sent. Please let me know when it arrives.

Will do!

Many thanks!

Got it 5 days ago but i went away few hours later and forgot to confirm arrival.

Perfectly packaged and awesome build!!!

Tomorrow i’ll be home and some build photos are coming.

Many thx for this item!!!

This thing is nuts!!!

many thanks for this upgrade brother!!!!!!

You’re welcome. Glad to be able to assist another BLF (with a capital B) brother with a problem :smiley: