GB Active - SWM G25C - Small Dual Tail Switch 18650 $34.99 Pics added


Please pm for code.

If we can get enough people for 50 pieces of the new SWM G25C....we can get a deal of $34.99

Is anybody interested?

Just as FYI....this equals approx 28.6 lumens per dollar :)


I have one coming and will post a review but most of us already know Sunwayman's quality :) I do not get crazy about many lights but seeing that this is the smallest dual switch 18650 available it most definitely caught my attention

So far it looks like we have 18 units. :)


Up to post 18.....we have a total of 11. That is 25% of the way there :)



My G25C finally arrived! Oh, ooh, ooh. Took it to work last night....just had to :)

As a disclaimer....let me state that I am not as good of a writer as JohnnyMac and many others here but i can give you a fair and detailed assessment based on real usage and not just an inspection of the unit.

I was initially impressed by the SWM D40. It is hard to find the intersection of quality and cost and Sunwayman makes finding things a bit easier. Next came the SWM C22C on a GB. It was a good price for a good light. I am not fond of side switches but with the advent of itsy bitsy lights of late side switches are not that counter intuitive.

Now comes the Sunwaman G25C. At first I thought it was just a C22C without the side switch until I saw the tail switches...both of them, and metal too. Yabba dabba doo!! My first experience with dual tail switches was on the Nitecore P10 with instant strobe from off. While I could care less about the disco (although great for the girls IMO, on top of other armament) I very much enjoyed the idea of changing modes without shifting my grip while doing my inspections at work. My Fenix PD35, which I loan out more than I use, requires a shift of grip in order to change modes, a PITA when I am inspecting theme park rides while using the "cop" grip. ( P10 was confiscated :)). No matter...I got my beta BLF A6 to use! ...and now back to our regular station....

Not only do we have dual switches but they are metal (not sure if stainless or aluminum but look like stainless). They have a fantastic feel. The main switch differs from the prior Nitecore and Klarus by not being forward switches, and thus no momentary ability BUT there is so little switch travel it is not a big deal and requires extremely little effort. Another big plus, and I wish Fenix, Nitecore, Klarus, etc WOULD PAY ATTENTION TO THIS is that the tail switches ONLY add a couple mm's in length vs the SWM C22C. This G25C is shorter than my BLF A6! Hell yeah :)

A couple other nice features are the nice clip (identical to the C22C) and the stainless bezel that is almost or approx 10mm tall. The reflector is SMO. there is no lanyard hole nor the titanium glass breaker. I prefer to have both lanyard and clip because I use the clip in my pocket and the lanyard while using the light but if I had to choose one I would go with the clip because I can always make lanyard for light like this.

The modes and their spacing are very usable, 3 plus disco. I like the few modes in this light. I have no way to measure output, and I often use high, but the low and medium seem to be in the right spot. (Take note that if the strobe is activated while main power is on, it will be memorized.). The head of the G25C allows for twisting like the Nitecore to limit the modes such as High and strobe, a feature that I never use but I can see that some may.

If I were to change anything I would change the instant strobe to a momentary on button but then would lose the appeal to those that like the instant disco for safety purposes. With that said I would not change anything.

So here is where the light sits in my stack.......

I am going to order a few of these. 2 for me and 2 for gifts. Even at regular price this light is worth it. For $35, I would be stupid no to seize the opportunity from the front! One will become a daily worker for me only, and serve side by side with my BLF A6. Can you tell I just love small lights??? :)

L to R....Fenix PD35, Nitecore EC11, SWM G25C, SWM C22C, EE A6

L to R... EC11, C22C, G25C, PD35, A6

Depth of SMO reflector is approximately the same as the SWM C22C but is considerably wider in diameter because the the G25C utilizes the traditional round head. Sunwayman claims that the effective range is 208 meters.

The tailcap does stand

Corner to corner the C22C has the same head size as the G25C.

Put me down for one plz. :bigsmile:

I’m interested but I’m broke zzzzz has :frowning:

The GB price is almost 40% off so it is a heavy discount as compared to other deals

That’s EXACTLY the reason why I do not want to miss this GB :frowning: Am I spending too much? I bought 6 lights in the past 2 months :~ I have the C22C and I would like another SWM. The quality is superb!

Already waiting on three GB’s to come to fruition. :weary: Maybe I’ll be interested in this in a few months. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, i'll take one of those.

WOW!! If still active at end of next month…

I am in for one if this happens.

Also in the OP...

....this equals approx 28.6 lumens per dollar :)


They do make decent light - no question

All we need is 50 and it will happen :) ...and at $35 it is worth getting two

I completely understand but for now 2 of the GB's are on a slow boat...although there will be news next week about the BLF A6 after they get reviewed, with a possible surprise. In the meantime....the Greeks have a saying (in my tag line)...

"Opportunity says catch me from the front because once I pass you will not catch me at all"


If it’s still on aft end of next month I’m definitely in! :stuck_out_tongue:

I promise...we will not tell the spouse :)

HAHAHAHA I think I’m too young to actually get married :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m in……

Interested in one. Thanks

interested :slight_smile:

I’m in for one. :slight_smile:

Sign me up for one.

.....we have a total of 11. That is 25% of the way there :)