GB Clone Offically "SOLD OUT" 10/21/18 XPL HI 1300LM Focusing AKA Cometa 2016

My unit tracking info:
China Post Group Dongguan International Mail Interchange Bureau and Exchange station, has been exported to open and dismantle .

Looks like I may not get it in one piece.

Why would they do that because of the battery?

Think somethings got lost in translation.

good news, thanks!

Not that it effected anything, but is the head still loose. Rattle when you shake the light back and forth?

Mine Marked as shipped,paid for get a tracking number but never.
They reply “your order has been shipped tracking number need up 2 week to be ready”
That’s no true

Yea the head still rattles but that’s fairly standard for this style zoomie. Could probably place an O-ring in there.

Ordered two without batteries and they are back ordered…
So now the waiting begins…

The order I made for one without battery on Sep 26 2018, that Banggood wanted a extra $17,23 in shipping fees for is now out of stock.

[Rant on]

I have been trying to get an explanation why I had to pay so much in shipping fees for a flashlight, much more that the most expensive option on the product page. I have been getting no answers to the questions in my e-mails, they just sent the same e-mail again and again. I did send a PM to CS Banggood on Sep 26 2018 but I there has been no reply.

Today they then informed me that is was out of stock.

I stopped buying from Banggood some time ago, because of their CS, but this offer made me try again.

[Rant off]

So it looks like I won’t be getting a Cometa.

I got refund for both ordered…

I really wanted one.

How come? I do not mean to criticize, just curious because I always make sure how much I am charged for anything at all times. That is more money in S&H fees than the product itself LoL!

Cheers ^:)

The flashlight was listed with free standard shipping for DKK 103.42 when I made my order, later that day I got an e-mail where they requested DKK 109.75 additional shipping fee.

At the time I made my order the most expensive shipping was EMS for DKK 61.77. They never gave me answer why it would cost so much to ship a single flashlight without batteries,
every time I sent an e-mail asking for an explanation they kept sending the same e-mail asking for DKK 109.75 until the flashlight was out of stock.

But at least : “We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this issue”

Okay i am tripper! The disc that holds the LED in place is the same on mine as the new ones!

Only difference is the grounding protection in the battery tube that sits over the pill and the tail cap is brighter on the newer Cometa’s .

This is the included 26650


Left side is the new Cometa and Right side is my original


I do have some tape on my original but my solders are flat so its not needed its more of a just in case


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What are the above (plastic?) discs? Insulating discs for the cell's head with a hole for some protruding spring, cap or whatever in the driver? Why additional tape?

Cheers ^:)

Hmmmm, my 2 arrived today; charged the batteries and gave one a try (after ensuring no shorting issues) and after switching on briefly, it now no longer works.

Investigated and it seems that both springs have compressed, presumably from overheating :weary: the battery rattles back and forth due to no spring tension.

I will double check the potential shorting points, but suspect both springs are probably toast now; does anybody know a good source for replacements. that can handle a little current?

That’s the anodised aluminium front cover for the driver. the hole is for the LED to poke through. Additional tape is to stop the solder points on the LED scratching through the anodising and causing shorts.

So it begins……. :person_facepalming:

Wonder if they fixed the sloppy driver pocket?

BlueSwordM is running a group buy for Very High Current Beryllium Copper springs.

All the large springs are taken, but there are small springs left. (Don’t know what size is in this light.) I believe Blue Sword M said he may be ordering more large springs at some point.

But if you do not solve the shorting issue stronger springs are not the solution! Its like bridging a fuse with a massive copper bar. Now the spring has worked as a fuse and stopped the short. A bigger spring would allow higher current if you short it again.

The disc is what holds the LED in place. It is made from anodized aluminum and was causing shorts because of the bad soldering jobs on some lights.