GB Clone Offically "SOLD OUT" 10/21/18 XPL HI 1300LM Focusing AKA Cometa 2016

I wonder if I ever get my flashlights. I ordered one with battery on Sep 22 2018 it’s still back order.

Yesterday I made an order for one without the battery, later that day I got an e-mail from Banggood CS from “Kaka” requesting additional $17.23 in shipping fee, I promptly e-mailed back asking why suddenly the shipping is so expensive. I never got a reply but I just got the same e-mail as yesterday.

Well dang… Mine is on back order now…

Got my refund according to Paypal.
Those who got order changed from backorder to shipped, do your order page had refund option when this item was backorder?
I straight away applied for refund when refund option showed up, thinking to avoid hassle discussing with CS who would just tell me nice story.

SHIPPED ! :beer:


Thanks :beer: , good to know! My previous backorder experience was wasting time waiting.

mine shows shipped too. let’s hope it will not get unshipped again :party:

Shipped and now i got also tracking information! It really left the building :partying_face:
And the new LED (huge thanks to DB Custom) a SBT-70 is also on its way. Driven by a LD-A4 @12Amps.
My dream zoomie for a long time!

How does SBT-70 perform relative to XPL-HI in terms of lumens and intensity?

I do not think it will outperform the new leds in any kind. But what this beauty can, is giving you a nice perfectly round beam. No square hotspots, no donut holes, no x in the middle. Simple a beautifull round beam.
We are not 100% sure what bin. . . the led is but DB Custom thinks it could be a Daylight White Standard CRI (typ. 90). But aslong it is a white led i am happy that he send me his last one.

The light emitting area is 7mm².

Woohoo :partying_face: my 2 show shipped too as of today; I was beginning to lose hope on these.

Just a bit gutted that I couldn’t get the free 18650’s - they won’t ship batteries to UK any longer, I suppose the 26650’s shipped in the torches are fine though.

I emailed banggood and I asked why my order with the 26650 when into back order instantly. They told me they will no longer be available. So if yours is still on back order I would recommend emailing them and canceling that specific order and order the one with no 26650.

Mine showed up today, thanks to BROODMASTER for the code! Ordered Sunday. Sofirn did come through with a code. Anybody wants to try it is welcome to icode, shoot me a pm, Amazon US

And 5 hours after that email I get an email saying its shipped. Now to wait and see if I get the gift or not.

Why everyone like this light?.. i don’t understand 1300 lumens for $16? You can have a smaller light like the sofirn SF36 @ 1000 lumens for this price :question:

I don’t know, thats why I bought one.

Probably because its a big zoomie and the original offer came with a 26650 and two 18650.

A reflector beam will never look as good or pleasing as the one coming out of an aspheric/convex lens. If you want maximum out the front lumens, choose a reflector flashlight. If you like perfectly even and pleasing beams, choose aspheric/convex lens flashlights. Stealthy throwers too, hunters like this.

Cheers ^:)

Originally posted on Fri, 09/28/2018 - 07:50. Little fix.

For me the Cometa can light up my entire backyard and with a quick twist it has a <900m range, it absolutely destroys the D1S and BLF GT mini for throw.

Someone knows:

Is there an extension tube that can work for the cometa

Is there a comfortable place for O-ring between the focusing head and body

to fix the rattle (size of that O-ring) ?

Okay i got my two today a saturday weird lol. They are fixed or at least better than my original.
The centering disc that holds the led down is milled out where the led wire sit making scratching of the anodized surface harder you have a few mm of clearance now. The battery tube ground has a disc over it for the shorting issue there.

I got the 26650 with my two cometas.

Still has the AR coated lens.

Seems better then my original but the XPLHI needs to go the die looks almost twice the size of my modded Cometa using the XPG2.