GB Clone Offically "SOLD OUT" 10/21/18 XPL HI 1300LM Focusing AKA Cometa 2016

In German language the word "Gift" is always and only used for poison/venom. ;-)

Unbelievable! Delivery within the week from BG - as long as it’s a dodgy product. Clamp meter ordered four weeks ago only just made it to Sydney. 8x30Q ordered in August, hasn’t updated since leaving China 4th Sept. Broken light that can self destruct at any moment - Express Delivery!

LOL at least it a cheap bomb.

Be careful with the B-word! :wink:
Otherwise IATA might blacklist the Cometa for carry-on luggage soon. :stuck_out_tongue:
(now it all makes sense why they call it “Cometa”)

Order Submitted
Sep/25/2018 08:12:56
Payment Confirmed
Sep/25/2018 08:15:30
Order Processing
Sep/25/2018 08:17:13

Order Number: 550235xx (XPL HI 1300LM Foucsing LED Flashlight Suit+Vappower 26650 Battery)
Back Order :frowning:

I ordered the one with 26650 battery in 3B+those freebie 18650’s. On 19.9 it said backorder but on 25.9 it updated to shipped! I got an tracking number also. Fingers crossed…

Order w/o cells is ostensibly shipped, got a tracking#.

Order w/ the vapes is still “back-ordered”.

Should be interesting to watch this unfold. :smiley:

I remember reading about the Cometa debacle not long after I joined BLF… was it a milk jug that fixed the shorting issue??

Anyway, I just ordered 2 units… and a gallon of milk.

My 1A was shipped but 3B was cancelled (both with 26650) :person_facepalming:

Seems to be a real lottery…

click bait. Lights with extra’s don’t ship out but the “bare” lights still get sold with all the commotion going on around here.

My 1A tint says shipped Sep 26.

Arguably, Jaxman Z1 became CPFItalia Cometa 2016.
No, I do not want to argue.

Some of the Cometa had problems fairly easy to solve; maybe these too.

Here CPF member KeepingItLight entry #9 explains 3 potential problems so well, it almost fixes them for you.

Hmm, so that’s why I got hit in the head with a rock…


:person_facepalming: LMAO!

:smiley: :+1:

Wow, it actually landed. :laughing:

Yup. The freebie 26650 is shipped in the light in a small plastic bag, no 18650 gift :frowning:

Looks like they fixed at least one problem

Love the 3B, the 1A is HARSH

The thick oring on the bottom came in the 3B. Couldn’t tighten the tailcap enough to get a circuit so had to use one of the spares, top.

The threads were freshly greased so guessing the original oring had deteriorated. Took the bezel off and dropped the lens! Small chip. The bezel oring was cactus so will replace that later. Now to watch vids and read up on the problems and fixes to see if they sorted everything. Any quick tops on how to get the top off?

Wait… what?

Naw, I meant the joke.

Sillen, you got your light already? When did u order, and when did it ship? Lighted tailcap?

thanks for your post and pictures!


edit: I saw that is shipped on the 23rd. Only 3 days to you?

Order Submitted
Sep/20/2018 17:50:50
Payment Confirmed
Sep/20/2018 17:51:04
Order Processing
Sep/20/2018 17:53:05
Sep/23/2018 07:51:36

Freaked out for a second there and wondered how you knew my name even though you spelled it wrong :slight_smile: Swedes generally spell it Patrik.

But yes, three days!

Here’s the timeline on my Clamp Meter

Order Submitted
Aug/31/2018 07:06:51
Payment Confirmed
Aug/31/2018 07:06:55
Order Processing
Aug/31/2018 07:09:04
Sep/01/2018 10:01:47

It only just made it to Australia yesterday. Hopefully deliver Monday.

I know, just playin

Edit: Between office and home one of the switches has gone belly up. Once I tighten the tail cap, the light is always on, the button light doesn’t work and modes change via percussion, no reaction to button press. Swap tail caps from my 2nd light and it’s all good.

Reply just now from Linda:

“Sorry for the wrong stock information
We are sorry to inform you that our supplier has not delivered to us the following item(s) on time.
Item1: [SKU406084]XPL HI 1300LM Foucsing LED Flashlight Suit Vappower 26650 Battery[ Design;3B]———— Out of stock now.
Predicted restock date: 2 to 3 weeks.”

I said I’ll wait. Its not like I urgently need another flashlight, but the withdrawal symptoms may be a problem.