[GB-Closed!] Supbeam k40-l2 (Payment details in 2nd post!)

give me a min, i had seen how hard it was driven somewhere

I’m pretty sure it will be 3.5A.

Too expensive for me, I have no need for this…

[Here’s](http://www.candlepowerforums.com/vb/showthread.php?347069-SupBeam-K40-thrower-(-XM-L-U2-3x18650) a good review with beamshots. (CPF)

I seriously need a break.


its in german, but he paid about $109 for the light

I'm on the fence about this one... interested, but I already have similar ones.

I think that I need this light :slight_smile:

I’m in for one!!!

can you put me down as a maybe?

I used to have the original Supbeam K40 when it came out. It is a very nice light. Very well-built, high-quality manufacturing. It has the same UI with the TN30/31s, which is a very user-friendly feature, but it has none of the reported flickering concerns. From its battery-carrier to the rotary magnetic ring, it rocks. And it has a very low mode (.6 lumen) for those who prefer it.
Its factory lux rating of 95,600cd is IMO even lower than it can actually throw. Recommended.

I wonder how this would compare to the ThruNite TN31?


thats the xml not xml2 though

Not much difference. You may check ILF’s previous beamshot comparisons between it and the L3 K40 (the same light).


change me from a maybe to yes! i just sold a light so i have $ :slight_smile:

lucky... wish i could get my mag sold. lotsa lotsa goodies i been eyeballin

edit: about 5 hours on the other forum and no one even commented on the group buy...

That's what I'm getting a little hung up on. With an XML2 in there, this light should be in at least the 110-120cd range, the original XML tn31 was, and this is basically a clone.

I would like to get one for the price. Well it’s just the price of a pd35.

its got a slightly smaller head than the tn31

k40-l2 head: 76.2mm

tn31 head: 79mm

not much bigger, but a hair bigger

Same here. I bought mine directly from Supbeam. It’s definitely one of the best purchases I’ve made. The K40 is beautifully made; the anodizing, machining, fit and finish are all second-to-none.
The magnetic-ring thingy is super-friendly in use, together with the tailswitch. A really well thought out product :smiley:

I was excited about this one as soon as Nick mentioned it. Too bad my budget is blown for a while. I would like to get one of these some day (or a TN31), just to do a 400kcd+ mod to it. I don’t have a truly pure thrower yet.
Gonna have to pass though. :frowning:
I was also hoping you’d get some traction over at CPF. Maybe it will pick up… gonna be tough to get 30 in on an $80+ light it seems.

Put me down for one! Thanks for organizing another group buy. :)