[GB ended,discussion only] CRI > 80+ NICHIA 2000K-6500K [E21A/219B/219C/319A/144A/757GT-F1(Optisolis)]


This is a GREAT and CHEAP opportunity for those that want to try out these exotic emitters, which I think are the current best in the world in terms of tint and color rendering.

If Optisolis is an option, then I will definitely in for them :partying_face:

I look forward to that as well. The only problem will be choosing which one(s).

Oh and our local post finally delivered my order from months ago (they were on rotating strikes and not processing international mail very quickly). Congrats on the most impressive packaging I’ve ever seen.

That’s always been a problem with economy service from and to Canada. Even the EMS can’t deliver most packets timely as promised to Canada. Enjoy your LEDs =)

- Clemence

Trailer…… :partying_face:

As requested by Ryzbor, here’s your finished Wizards and Tiara:

- Clemence

Golden goodness!

I have several Tiara Pros 4x E21A of different color temps modded by Clemence. They are really amazing. Regulated output, very efficient, and beautiful tint. I use them everyday.

If I put a 18650 tube on a Tiara C1 pro will it be the same as a Wizard Pro? And would the headband clip that comes with the tiara fit the 18650 tube?

It will just look like a Wizard Pro, outputs the same as Tiara, last approximately three times longer than Tiara Pro.
This is my favourite setup for these reasons:
No thermal step down even at its highest mode (T2), no overheating, much longer runtime than Wizard Pro too. In Wizard Pro the Turbo 2 can only be used temporarily while in Tiara, the Turbo 2 can be used continuously until the battery ran flat*.

  • Nnewer Tiara C1 Pro with cooling ribs.

- Clemence

The Tiara C1 Pro with 18650 is the same setup I use most too because of the much longer run time and no stepdown (or takes very long) due to the increased mass and surface area of the longer tube to reduce heat gain speed and increase heat dissipation rate. I use the 18350 sometimes when I want a super pocketable light, which I use for night time picture taking. The HI CRI light is way better than the flash on smartphone cameras and much brighter.

UPDATE 190301: Store news

- A new batch of E21A order placed to Nichia two days ago. There will be full line-ups of E21A coming. ETA, mid March

  • sm203 (R9050),
  • sm223 (R9050),
  • sm273 (R9080),
  • sm303 (R9080),
  • sm353 (R9080),
  • sm403 (R9080),
  • sm453 (R9080),
  • sm503 (R9080),
  • sm573 (R9080),
  • sm653 (R9080)

- Hopefully triple Carclo compatible E21A MCPCB can also keep up not long after. Still need more funds for that.


Clemence, would it be feasible to factory drill optics holes in mbpcb so the lens sits lower?

Don’t worry, I actually did the test investigating the possibility of the new VR20SP3. The focus will be adjustable by shimming.


Clemence, since you have not made the triple e21a, can we wishlist individual addressable LEDs on it? :smiley:

Done! It’s seriiies/parallel/iindiividual addressable


Good news :+1: , I will be probably in for several of them.

Can you make it Jaxman E2L compatible (I mean, leaving the possibility of sanding of the edge of MCPCB to make it only 19mm diameter)?

Also, will there be VR20S1 MCPCB as well (for both single E21A and 144AM)?

19mm is not a common size. It’s better I custom make it from VR20SP3, there should enough margin to do that.
No plan for VR20S1, after this VR20SP3, the next MCPCB will be VR38SP16,

Tip: You can convert existing VR21SP4 to single E21A use by scraping the solder mask.


I’ll jump-start for the VR20SP3 then :slight_smile: