[GB ended,discussion only] CRI > 80+ NICHIA 2000K-6500K [E21A/219B/219C/319A/144A/757GT-F1(Optisolis)]

The Cree XP-E2 can be had with 2200K. It can even be de-domed to get around 1700K! But it’s not available with high-cri, if I recall correctly.

No worries. I got something like 100 LEDs on the strip-light, so I’m good. :smiley:

Lumileds has 2200K Z ES LED, 80CRI, available at Mouser:


I ahve some 20mm MosX boards for Z ES, but I still don't have it uploaded on my page.

Just put the 2000K into ultrafire uf10. What a great sunset tint! Not sure it is very useful in any real world application but looks just gorgeous. It may end up in a headlamp for bedside service.

Clemence, thanks again for making these e21s available. Most of them are beyond great.

“Bedside Service” :heart_eyes:

And here’s another little sunset. It suits the copper light very well I think :slight_smile:

This is indeed very sexy for your bedside service Djozz. Looks like a pocket candle

- Clemence

The setting on the picture is 1.5 lumen, so 1/10 the light output of a candle which is rather perfect for night use in my son’s bedroom when we stay the night somewhere else (myself I prefer no light at all at night), the runtime should be about 100 hours on a battery load.

Yes, it should get along very well with copper. And yes, this CCT is great for very low lumens so I am wondering if there is a nice twisty AAA host with a firefly mode, where the board can be installed after heavy sandung. Like, Fenix E05 form factor, but with a <~1lm lowest mode

I usually put a ping pong ball or any white milky plastic bottle on my EDC to get more of the lights directed to the table when outside (dim cafe or restaurant). And use it ceiling bounced in the room or tent.

- Clemence

I just played and tested a Tiny 26650 DQG for Pavlo. Saw some of the smallest EDC in George’s collection. I plan to get some for myself. Maybe I’m late at this but just amazed at how he boosted single 26650 to feed 7x XPG2 at 1A.
His smaller EDCs could be a great host for this 2000K

- Clemence

I have a Spy waiting for an Optisolis. Actually it is waiting for Arctic Alumina, which I will cover the central pad with to avoid grounding of the LED.

I just recalled that you installed some e21s to E05, didn’t you? Did you use your boards?

No E21A in E05 (yet). It’s very possible, just a simple lathe job to make the board 10mm. Still waiting for my new mini mill to arrive.

- Clemence

On the topic of extra-warm emitters, Digikey has some XTE 2200K emitters (80 CRI).

Just put one in a headlamp for night reading. The tint is very close to an incandescent filament bulb at a low setting and is very cozy, but on high modes it can be obnoxiously yellow/orange.
Mounting it on a DTP X-series board (noctigon) could possibly get it up to 2 amps or more. Maybe someone will put an XTE emitter to the test to see what they are really capable of :slight_smile:

I hope more companies start producing high powered LEDs in the 2300-2500K range. I would love to have a floody caving headlamp that can mimic the tint and CRI of a carbide headlamp.

Optisolis 3000K in H02 headlamp

And test result by x-rite colormunki photo(it is not profesional spectrometr but still…)

CCT = 2955K
Color Rendering Index (Ra) = 97.3 [ R9 = 93.3 ]
R1 = 98.8 R2 = 98.0 R3 = 96.1 R4 = 95.8 R5 = 98.4 R6 = 97.8 R7 =
R8 = 96.8 R9 = 93.3 R10 = 95.8 R11 = 94.7 R12 = 94.7 R13 = 98.6 R14 =

^ thanks, very nice measurements. The datasheet gives an example of the spectrum and R-values, but no promises for the real product. This confirms that the leds are about as good as the example in the datasheet :slight_smile:

NF2W757GT-F1 Rfc00 5000k

16mm XML

AA driver

Left Rfc00 5000K,Right XPG3 3000K 90CRI

Same driver high mode

Nice one Steel, just add sandblasted glass and it’s a perfect flooder great for headlamp.

- Clemence

Store’s update:

I have a meeting outside Bali scheduled in 1804(22-25). Any orders placed in between will be processed after 180430.


Coming Soon (approximately in August):

Red, Green, Blue, and Amber E21A. The E17A already soft launched. This could be the answer for more powerful colored lighting (arrayed)
Unlike traditional color LEDs, all of them will have same forward voltage and characteristics. Thus simplify driver and configuration options.

- Clemence