[GB ended,discussion only] CRI > 80+ NICHIA 2000K-6500K [E21A/219B/219C/319A/144A/757GT-F1(Optisolis)]

Can you talk more about this LED? How similar is it to candle light?
I once had a light with a de-domed XP-G 3000K 90CRI and it was just terribly orange.
I have an old Novatac Wichita which has a special driver (like in the HDS lights) with very low modes. It seems like a good match for this LED. The lowest mode actually flickers a bit, so I would even have the candle part covered :D.

It obviously makes sense to put this LED into smaller, dimmer or very floody lights because of the low color temperature, as shown by the Kruithoff Curve.

Has anybody else tried this LED?

I bought one and plan to try it next week

eehm, it is very orange, a flame is very orange too. and the sun during sunset. I will make a picture tonight, next to a candle (no sunset tonight, it is very grey outside).

Yes, of course, but is it a “nice” orange? :laughing:

I’m looking forward to the picture, thanks.

I wanted to take a picture for you but……surprisingly I can’t find candle in my house! Would a burning paper match the candle colour?

- Clemence

It’s absolutely lovely orange! Not the yellow orange kind. Excellent imitation of a candle with super smooth spectrum.

And it’s rated only up to R9050. Measured as R9080+

Wellp, look on the <coff!> bright side.

Y’all get the chance to use your flashlights. :smiley:

That is indeed a very, very good spectrum!
I notice that the Rg value is very high, colors should “pop”.

Yes, I think any normal burning object should do the trick.

Hahaha, using any kind of lighting outside the house you’ll get fined ($10/head/act), arrested, and probably beaten using rattan stick by the Pecalang “traditional policemen” (it’s legal by hindu law here). Non hindu people still can enjoy anything inside the house or the hotel as long as there are no lights, noise, activities detected from the outside.
But I’m lucky since in my area non hindu people are working together night guarding the neighborhood, helping those Pecalangs. A perfect time to make use all those flashlights. Unfortunately, taking beam shots would be very inappropriate :laughing:

This is from two years ago. Taken just outside the house:

- Clemence

Should be a great lantern combined with Loneoceans’s in progress flickering driver.

- Clemence

I now want that LED even though I have zero use for it lol.

Might have to add one to an order if I get some more 4500k 144AM sometime. That boost driver has me wanting to give it another try.

What kind of optic is appropriate for the 144A? I know some of the first 6V samples had pretty impressive egg yolk, but my recent samples still make a huge yellow-green dot with a clear TIR optic (the famously crappy stock Prime one).

Seriously? That’s positively… weird.

So it’s not just a Save Energy Day, but somewhat religious? Interesting…

I could use something like that around here, though. Nice change of pace…

Well, minus the beatings.

You want a beaded Tir optic for that emitter, it works wounders. The floodier varieties give better tint mixing.

:heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

Funny you mention that, ’cause I got a few LED lanterns from Amazon for exactly that, swapping out the craptastic Angry Blue™ LEDs with some nice 2000K LEDs scavenged from strip-lights.

No flicker, gonna use it probably with the come-with “volume control” circuit, or at least just the potentiometer from it.


I should have mentioned I’ve used beaded optics and it does look perfectly fine with them, but they aren’t as throwy as the clear ones. It seems like unless there is quite a bit of mixing, you get that huge yellow blob, so clear optics are out.

My take on catching the tint of the E21A sm203 R9050. I corrected the image a bit to match what I see in reality, not exactly right but close.

Left: Tool with E21A,
middle: small oil lamp
right: UT01 lantern conversion with 2000K 85CRI Stanley led.

Thanks guys, nice pics! It really does seem very similar.

Now I’m really thinking about modding that Novatac.

It would also be great for a table lamp when BBQing.

Oh, you did something with that LED… kewl!

I remember you mentioning the Stanley, goggled all around trying to find somewhere to get some. Only RS in the UK had any, but shipping would’ve been obscene (and USD→UKP even worse), and Mouser or whoever was supposed to have some locally, had 0 stock and no resupply in the foreseeable future.

So I hit AX and grabbed pretty much anything that said “2000K”. :smiley: