[GB ended,discussion only] CRI > 80+ NICHIA 2000K-6500K [E21A/219B/219C/319A/144A/757GT-F1(Optisolis)]

Clemence wrote; Correct! Mixing several different CCTs will also (in most cases) results in lower CRI than individual CCT. You can check Maukka’s test to see it. It’s more like a trick.

Which test is that,I’m curious?

Thanks Clemence.It may take me a while to translate that to something mortels can understand!

You’re right Djozz, the charts must be switched right off from the factory. It’s too obvious. They have to fix the data sheet.

- Clemence

As requested:

Nothing changed, everything is as shot except exposure adjustments (those were two different flashlights with slightly different brightnesses). 219C has greener tint while E21A is right on the target (check Maukka’s chart below)

WB adjusted to get rid of tint differences. This 219C has R9 = 76, one of the best 219C in my collection. But E21A still wins.

Don’t trust your eyes until you see numbers

- Clemence

Clemence, any chance for 149AM from you?

I don’t think it will sell well. Too risky for me

- Clemence

Sad but understandable.
Personally I think the same….but just initially.
That’s because there are no stars for it and it is not well known.
But for most applications that I can think of this LED should be technically better than XHP70.2 (I don’t know the price, so it may not be so good commercially). I hope it catches up….

It could fit the Virence VR16S1 Star with scratching.
And as driver it would work with 4S Buck-Driver like it is in the GT.
Haikelite MT07S could be a good host for it.

… but its of cause your decision.

Being higher voltage than the XHP70.2 used, the MT07S would probably drive the 149 pretty hard. Given the mode spacing of that light, I suspect it would work well.

I’d buy one, but probably only one. That doesn’t make it worth stocking.

And so it did a few days ago, thanks Clemence for checking the whereabouts of the package for me!

Here is the first of the E21A sm205 R9050 leds in a Lumintop Tool. The tint and colour reproduction is not far from the 2000K Stanley led that I tested before, of course the Nichia has just that bit more red in it :slight_smile:

Looks like a Kalahari’s sunset. Very nice Djozz.

- Clemence

Ooooooh, I liiiiiiiiiiiiiiike.

I finally got around to testing the E21A’s clemence sent me, they look fantastic and tested pretty well too.

Not sure what I am going to put them in yet, got a few ideas.

I found a single 3000k to be fantastic in a zoomie. In an ultrafirr uf10 to be more specific. It is about 2amp direct drive off a fresh imr 16350, just about its max spec

What 10mm MCPCB did you use for the E21?

I used a custom made two-pad (Nichia 119) ledboard that I had produced two years ago (see Testing a custom made 16mm Nichia 119 copper core board (non-DTP), edit:sold out). I sold most of them and have a small batch leftover for own use.

In the WDYMT thread I posted a bit more about the Tool mod: What did you mod today? - #4705 by djozz

UPDATE 180316:

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Wow, a whole day without power of any kind?

If that happened worldwide….I shant even think of the consequences of such a thing…

Correct, this is the only true “earth day” in the world I know.
You can see the milky way clearly at night. No sounds but from the animals and babies. Very clean and fresh air like those found in virgin forest. Bali usually saved hundreds tonnes of fossil fuel during this day.

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