[GB-Feedback] Supfire M6 Upgraded Version

Please make a photo before and after dedoming.

No problem, then you have to paint a beforepicture with words so that I can imagine the tint and spill shift… :wink: here was a thread with some nice detailed pictures of a dedomed srk anyway which should be similiar…

I have to find a suitable handle for the light first anyway. After that I will open it up and play with the internals…

Handle for Supfire M6

Reserved for updates, however I will say that I wish that my shipping was a bit faster (it still only shows acceptance in china...).

Low battery detection is weird. It blinks fast stays on a second blinks fast stays on …and then changes to low mode….
Seems good…
But the problem is you can’t abort the blinking crap with a button press, or long button press.
And if you switch off after the blinking sequence and later on again it makes the same weird blinky bill sequence again….

But it has working undervoltage warning at 3V that’s a good thing.

Sounds like it’s time to change the battery dont ya think? :bigsmile:

Already charged up…
I have tested yesterday evening the ncrbs from the groupbuy, to estimate how much runtime I will get. Almost 3 hours on high(of course it dimmed as it is no boost driver) 2:40 or so.
Will test it tonight on mid…

Sounds like this GB was a winner. Good on you Pulsar. I wish I'd got in on it. I'll pay some attention the next time Supfire is working with BLF on a GB.

TL;DR: I'm jealous

last night i use it 1 hour and it was to hot to handle,hope i don’t fry something inside :~

Is there anybody else that has not received theirs yet?

I didn’t get mine.

Got It. Day 44 Perfect shape, Very bright

Actually when it doesn’t feel hot is normally when you need to worry, a cool light can mean that all the heat is concentrated inside, which can fry it.

thanks for your confirmation Mr.Admin :slight_smile:
i never use it more than 5 minutes on high,just want to test how long it can go on high.
i’ll test it on med tonight :slight_smile:
ow crap i was posting 3 times in this thread.
sorry pulsar i really forget about it :frowning:

chatter HERE please..

I finally got around to upgrading the lens with 55mmx3mm Double Side AR Coating Glass lens from CNQG . It’s a perfect fit.

Was it an EZ swap?

Anyone determine how much more percentage of light transmission this would yield?

Just drop it in and screw the bezel back down.

Just got back from the local testing ground ( on my deck with lights aimed over the farmers fields) and the verdict is in, The M6 outshines and out throws my Kung with 4 T6’s.
Both lights are stock.
I also like the fact that the M6 has a nice low setting. Tint looks fine to me, but I must admit I am not real picky about tint unless is really an obvious green or purple. This light has neither, just nice white. Lots of it.
I didn’t use it real long, so can’t really comment on heat build up, that will be for another night.

Anyway, I am a happy camper for the low money paid.

just testing and its work with only 2 cell

I just got mine this week, and I haven’t read through this entire thread, but I wish they had include a rubber plug or screw or something to cover the tripod hole. It looks weird with it open like that.

yeh, I don’t recall ever seeing a plug so to speak even for all the cameras I’ve been through. You could put a nice 1/4” bolt in there. It would be 1/4” by 20 tpi (threads per inch). Very common in US. Just make sure it’s a short one.