GB feeler thread for the Roche M170, 3x XM-L2, NW and CW, deeper reflector as the Skyray, Netherland Post availalble

Karen of Gearbest offered me the Roche M170 for a review and I like the flashlight really much, but it was only available in cool white. We spoke and and she told me, that a NW flashlight would be possible and we can make a group buy.
The M170 has 3x XM-L2 LEDs, has a deeper reflector as a Skyray King and 3 good mode (high, mid, low - without strobe and SOS. A few more mode options are hidden). You can select a cw version with 3x XM-L2 U2 1A or a nw with 3x XM-L2 T6 C3. The price is really nice: $64,99 within shipping (not Express, but they offer a few shipping options - for European members Netherland/Dutch Post would be a great choice - it took round about 2-2,5 weeks). It’s the best price on the market and of course for the neutral white version. It cost between $76-90 and is often only available in CW.

I think about dedoming my cool white version to get a great thrower in nw, which could beat much more expensive flashlights. But I don’t like to remove the LEDs and fit these in the perfect position after dedoming these (sometimes I haven’t the patience for doing such a filigree work).

If a few members are interested in - the group buy will start, if the cw version is back in stock (in round about 10 days).

2 pics of my review and a link to the review (written in German), but here is the English Google translation.

Count me. One. NW if possible.

I’m in for one, CW.

Little bit confused because some are reported protected fits.

I have only protected batteries KP 3400. Can I use or not those?

Does it seem to be worth almost twice as much as a Supfire M6 to you?

I love Google translate.

Good Bang has the XM-L2 version for $ 91.50


No idea what this was meant to be.

This lamp is Endomt can also offer the famous Throwern Paroli.

I guess it depends on when it was made. When I got mine a while back, some fit protected 3400 Panasonic, some didn’t. Mine didn’t.
I just changed the springs. The original springs piled up as they compressed, so I replaced them with ones that lay flat as the compress.

I recently bought one from Fasttech. Interesting UI but not impressed by the output which I judge at about 2000 Lumens when compared with 1800 and 2400 Lumens output lights individually measured by RMM. By eye the output is between them. Also the head is enough larger than the SupFire M6 and SRK clones so that Nitecore and Thrunite Catapult diffuser and filter accessories which fit the 59mm front diameter lights will not fit the Roche.

The magnet and spring shown on the Fasttech listing were not with my light as received and I am waiting to receive them after contacting Fasttech. Also I note that there are two UI versions of the light as listed by Fasttech so be sure of which version you are getting. I ordered and received the more complex UI version.

As far as output and UI, I have been spoiled by having several SupFire M6 lights, a Supfire L1 and a couple of SRK clones that have been modified by RMM and they all have his 7 level UI as well as MUCH GREATER maximum output than the Roche. The current Nitecore TM15 and TM26 lights also are much higher output and I have both. The TM15 is more of a thrower. The Nitecores are a lot more expensive lights but very nicely machined and finished.

Rich are you able to do a photo comparison next to your SP03? It’s a great price and love the Roche quality, just unsure about the ramping UI and the switch on the other side of the handle is horrible :Sp


I am not a photographer in any way, shape or form. The SP03 head is much larger than any other soup can light at 85mm versus 68mm for the Roche outside diameter and it is about 6mm longer. With batteries the SP03 is about 120 grams heavier.

The Keeppower 3400 will fit, but they are tight inside. The protected Panasonic 3400 (clear shrink ) are also really tight. I don't kmnow, if the springs will make dents in the protection bottom, if the battereis are longer in the flashlight. I think it would be a good idea to cut the springs down a little bit. You don't have to older, only remove the tailcap and the 4 screws.

The Supfire is a nice flashlight (have only the XM-L version, not the XM-L2). If you ask myself: Would I pay the doubled price for the Roche? I'm not sure. It has a better throw and if you dedome the LED this would be more improved. If you want a thrower for a good price ($65 is a good price in my opionen) and are able to dedome LEDs, I would say: Go for it.
The sentence with "lamp is entdomt" means, that it could be a great thrower if you dedomed the LEDs and I suppose, that it will beat many out of the box thrower (not modded thrower) on the market, which cost much more. To dedome a LED isn't a big thing (I dedome 5 XM-L/XM-L2 LED in the last 2 days, all work nice). The challlenge would be to fit these in perfect position with the reflector. A single LED is simple, 3 or more need patience.

The magnet and the spring are not part of the XM-L2 version. I read in a review of the XM-L version, that the magnet isn't really strong and could not hold the M170 save on a metal shelf.

I wouldn’t cut the springs down. On mine, the stock springs “stacked” when compressed, making them several mm high. Cutting the tops, the lower coils will still “stack.
Find springs that when compressed, coil down within themselves, so they end up almost completely flat.

Thanks Rich thats some great info, I hope one day we get to see your collection!

I`m not in, but I just wanted to let you know that I really like the price.. and I also like the light itself.

I`m not sure about the internals, if you could improve output easily?

but it definitely looks nicer than a SRK.

I got the information, that the NW M170 will be back in stock about the 1. Oct. Karin will send me 1-2 indoor beamshots of the NW, if it back in stock. These should only show the color (to be sure, that they sell the NW verion). Outdoor beamshots of the CW version - take a look at my reviewlink in post #1.

Sorry for my delay. I wasn't online here for a longer time. Here are some pics of the NW beams:

Price $64,99 for the NW or the CW version.
Coupon code: M170