GB/interest thread for the new HOST version of Eagle Eye X6 Cree XPL - HI (HOST ONLY) (CODE PUBLIC)

Hi guys, this is a chance to get this host - Eagle Eye X6 Cree XPL - HI V21A




To get to this price, we need a target of 100 users….

This is a new host with few differences, the led ring is different,

the second difference is the lens, it comes with coated glass lens

*1. the host is without driver, LED, MCPCB board

2. it comes with XP centering ring

3. integrated shelf

4. host coming in parts like picture one ( not getting assembled )

Please confirm if you will buy, or you are interested, thanks.

1. Blacky
2. DanielM
3. tristanxoxo
4. dthoang
5. dthoang
6. freeme
7. freeme
8. KawiBoy1428
9. KawiBoy1428
10. KawiBoy1428
11. KawiBoy1428
12. chouster
13. chouster
14. chouster
15. chouster
16. diGGy
17. diGGy
18. tristanxoxo
19. tru3s1lv3r
20. DEL
21. DEL
22. electricjelly
23. bugsy36
24. monanza
25. monanza
26. cvaty
27. vex_zg
28. will34
29. ReManG
30. djburkes
31. djburkes
32. djburkes
33. Dallas
34. blueb8llz
35. blueb8llz
36. Ouchyfoot
37. Ouchyfoot
38. Jubeldum
39. Jubeldum
40. MRsDNF
41. MRsDNF
42. MRsDNF
43. MRsDNF
44. MRsDNF
45. DB Custom
46. DB Custom
47. DB Custom
48. ping3117
49. ping3117
50. ping3117
51. ping3117
52. KiwiKane
53. KiwiKane
54. lostheplot
55. Sprinkles
55. cfy7
56. beam0
57. Brian Metcalfe
58. Brian Metcalfe
59. Rufusbduck
60. Rufusbduck

I want one, Thanks.

Is it a host without the led or does it have a XPL-HI LED in it?
I’ll take one either way.

Put me down for one.

I’m in for 2

Hi guys, yes its a host only!

In for 2! Able to arrange for a gift box (in white, brown or black)?

Interested in 4 please!

Hmm you’re interesting? :wink:

in for 4, thx

In for 2!

Add me for another one, so 2 total.

Does this have a removable pill or integrated shelf ?


in for 3

Pardon me, I’m new to Group Buy.

I’m from British Columbia, Canada. How much does it cost to ship here?


I’m in!

In for two. Thanks!

Hosts usually don’t come with them.

It should be free.

This little guy has my favorite beam with a super round hotspot in a single 18650!

You might want to delete “Cree XPL” from the thread title and OP.