gChart's 500 post giveaway - winner announced

I have this light, i understand giving it away, i’m actually not very impressed with it and have considered selling it

Hmmmm… When I saw the light, my thought was:
“Will it take three XP-L HI triple boards with Carclo optics…” :smiling_imp:

A nine-emitter flame-thrower…

Cool light, count me in… my favorite light would be the one that Old-lumens made for me
Big head XHP 70

That is one monster of a light! RIP, OL

The front is glued shut but i assume thats undoable

My favorite mod tends to be whatever I last worked on.

However, one mod that is relatively unique that worked really well is my Sunwayman C10R. It’s very small, looks great, has a nice beam and terrifically high output for its size.

The C10R is a small sideswitch light powered by one CR123. I converted mine to triple XPL-HI and enlarged the interior battery space so that it fits a much larger 18500. The internal modifications needed to create this space were quite extensive. I don’t know of anyone trying a similar mod with this particular light.

Here’s my Build thread

I’m in, thanks for the GAW gchart! :slight_smile:

I believe my 1st mod would be my favorite (as everyone remembers his first time :heart_eyes: )… but I’ve never made a flashlight mod myself. :stuck_out_tongue:

Many mods I’ve seen @BLF have impressed me, but it’s CRX - 4th BLF/ Old Lumens Scratch Made Light Contest - Handmade that I like most, because of CRX’s unique imagination, skills and materials he used.

If it doesn’t count as a mod (as it’s made of scratch), then I won’t pick one of the great flashlight mods I’ve seen, but CRX’s How a Zippo Armor lighter should have been made. As a flashaholic smoker I am , I found it very good idea and I really enjoyed reading something other than flashlight mods @BLF. :smiley:

It would have to be my modded thrunite Tn40vn. Changed out the xpls to Xhp35hi creating a 8700 lumen 500kcd monster. It was modified by vinh and can be purchased at skylumen.

A close second would be my x6 triple xpl. Modified by dbcustom. 4500 lumen wall blaster.
Thanks for the giveaway.

Definitely the D.I.Y. Illuminated tailcap by pilotdog68.

I am still a bit crap at soldering, so in the end I chickened out and bought the BLF X5 that already had this mod pre-installed, but it’s something that I one day hope to build in most of my lights. I don’t mind the constant drain, I don’t get to use my flashlights often enough anyway, so why not keep the batteries busy? :wink:

DBSAR - The 2nd. Annual BLF Scratch Made Light Contest Entry / UPDATE -June 27th, more photos steam punk light. Amazing because it is something I would attempt but probably fail at. What a work of art

Don’t know if you’ll call this a mod. It’s ingenious an simple to do once you have the parts. I’ve always loved the mag LED reflector and most importantly the ability of the light to focus. I’m still old school and LOVE a focusing light! (BTW, I haven’t done this mod as yet because there isn’t copper pipes and fittings readily available here and shipping in some would cost too much in tax and duties. lol.

EDIT> BTU Shocker Triple MT-G2 with a twist -- Aiming for >100Watt ~9000Lumens -- With external 2S power pack, handle etc...

This is a sweet flashlight, AWESOMELY moded by LinusHofman to be AWESSOMER!!

My favorite one is on how to flash Nanjg drivers this thus letting me get rid of all the blinkies.

This mod by RaceR86 Saik SA-305 rebuild. The Fat Flooder! I like flood and AA.

I’m in ///////

i love this USB Rechargeable 18350 Convoy S6 Triple mod by CRX because it’s a small rechargeable flashlight

thank you

I’m in. :partying_face:
My favorite mod is the D.I.Y. Illuminated tailcap :+1:
Thank you for this giveaway :partying_face:

My favorite build was this year’s hand-built entry by CRX .

Brad and Boaz, digging up some classics. Love it!

Really enjoying your responses, guys (and gals?). Getting to see some creativity I haven’t seen yet.

This creation by CRX is not really a mod. I think of it as a full build: Olight TC15T
I have the original from a clearance, and all I do to it is spit-polishing (considering the listprice in NL was nearly $200).
And yes, I would gladly assist you in offsetting the international shipping charges.

I’m in.

My favorite mod is the Convoy M2 quad.

Thanks for the GAW.