Gear Best Pre Sale Policy

Ordered on presale and paid 46.99 USD by PP for an item(flashlight of course) since 19 September.
They didn’t sent yet.
I ask why and they offer to change the item or wait another 15 days.
I sent the list with 3 items total valued 45.99USD but they do not want to send because this prices items have coupons.
As I understand their’s presale policy is to take our money and delay how much they can the shipping hoping to change with full price items.
I sent private message to GB BLF and no response.
They response only to public messages, that’s show how much they respect as.
I feel cheated and disappointed by GB.

thats not right if u ask me, whats the point of presale then? i would ask for refund if they cant live up to the date provided. I dont see the point in presales, i rather buy something when i know its in stock.

They response opening a new ticket and making an very generous offer:

“Please pay attention of Gearbest order W1709190920359009

Dear F….nu,

Thank you very much for orderding from Gearbest.

Please note that if you cancel the order, the coupon used on that order will no longer be used.

Please tell us if we can cancel this order and full refund on your payment account.

We look forward to your confirmation and your early reply.

Thank you for your understanding.

Best Regards
Support Centre

Gearbest Customer Service” (link is external)

I didn’t use any coupon to the order ,just some GB points , so what are they talking about?
Just try again to foolish me!

Yeah I ordered on a group buy back early in September . Still no word . Still processing. This is why I don’t like gb. Slow . Now I get stock will he in by 23 of October . Really over a month. This is my first order with them . I’ll stick with banggood.

Its the wild wild east ordering from most, “in stock” does not mean a lot so it seems, and pre orders are even wilder :slight_smile:
It really is up to bus to decide
Want it fast, buy local
Want it cheap and willing to wait, take a shot at the Chinese vendors.
I just order and forget.

If they offer a refund, and you want three other things, seems easy then.

ok funny, i find gearbest better then banggood to be honest, had to ask for refund for my first order there, weird how from gearbest from china i get stuff within 2 weeks and from banggood early september ive yet to recieve my first order, u can guess where i will buy in the future…

But i still think pre sales is waste of time, ive yet to be dissapointed by gearbest when i bought stuff i knew is in stock.