Gearbest EU warehouse. Is it just a scam?

I ordered a screencast dongle from there EU warehouse. Over two weeks later, nothing. Now if it was sent from China then of course you can add another 2 to 4 weeks, but I live in France, pretty much the center of the EU.

So I sent the a message. Their reply was ‘10 to 45 days’.

The question is are they selling from the EU warehouse to charge a higher price, as is often the case, and then sending it from China?

If you have a tracking number you could look from where and by who it was sent.

Not a scam, i received a Nitecore from England lately…

They seem to have given me a tracking number but it does not work.

I don’t want this to be a ‘beat up on Gearbest’ thread, I just found it odd that the shipping times seem to be the same as China. I don’t see the point in the EU warehouse if they can’t get it here quicker.

Patrick, how long did you wait for your Nitecore?

The last two letters in the tracking number can tell you which country it’s sent from. Etc CN = China, HK = Hong Kong and so on.

Kenneth, that is not correct. The last 2 letters in the tracking number indicates which postal service is transporting that "postal article".

As a matter of fact I have received many items from China that have been sent with Singapore Post, Malaysia Post, Sweden Post, Hong Kong Post, etc, etc, etc

And they all have different last 2 letters which specify them, eg: MY, etc

So those 2 letters do not neccessarily indicate country of origin. ;)

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You are right of course…my bad.

Well Marcl, that is going to be an interesting label when it gets in.

I suspect “warehouse” actually means “someones garage” and that items shipped from the EU are just shipped in bulk to one of these forward staging garages, then the package broken up and shipped to the end users.

I think they set up a physical location as a way to get better terms on taxes and shipping restrictions more than as a service to their customers. In the US you can ship some stuff domestically but not internationally through USPS and UPS. By having a warehouse here they cal get around that.

Also the prices can vary between warehouse locations and some discount codes can only be used when shipped from a specifiuc location (usually China). It’s not a scam but it doesn’t always mean faster, though it does when they have what you order in stock.


I’m sure it said ‘get it faster’ on the actual page. The problem is if you are going to pay more and it gets there just as slow, you may as well order from china. It’s only an easy cast dongle. Oh well, the wait is on I guess.