Gearbest flash sale: Jetbeam JET-I MK (AA/14500) $11, JET-U (AAA) $8

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Jetbeam JET-I MK LED Flashlight (Titanium Grey)
$10.99 w/ promo code MKDEAL

Jetbeam JET-U AAA LED Flashlight (Titanium Grey)
$7.99 w/ promo code UDEAL

Same price as in their deal thread isn’t it?

They are slightly cheaper.

Just saw the deal made the frontpage of slickdeals so thought I’d share…

Oh ok thanks

Moddable? review here, but doesn’t say for sure, apparently glued?

Moddable. Yes. I did both. Not hard to do.

Thanks for the alert torchjunkie. :slight_smile:

Does Jet-u work with 10440?

If you want to risk it lol I run mine on 10440 fine but Jetbeam specs say no!

thanks, i will take this risk :wink:

I just bought the jet –1. Hope it turns out to be a nice light.

Are there any difference in output when using 10440? what are the risk involved if I use 10440? :smiley:

The output is just about double when using a 10440. You could break the driver or LED by over heating or if you have a weak component some where in the light!

I applied the code to the first light and it went up in price from £10.52 to over £12 … :exclamation:

price now goes up when you use the coupon.

LIG18OFF brings it down a smidge (works on any flashlight). Looks like the original code I posted is dead though.

Calling out to gearbest we need a new coupon for the jet beams

Tried it a few second ago: code UDEAL is working. It gets you a $7.99 price.
With code LIG18OFF you get 18% discount on a price that’s 17% higher than before you entered this code :frowning:

I bought one of each today with the MKDEAL and UDEAL coupons. They seem to be nice flashlights for the price. I guess I won’t miss a deal like that :slight_smile: So, the coupons are still working. Too bad they have the same led of the Lumintop Tool I also ordered, but I guess I’ll have fun comparing them.

I want to bring two lights when hiking/trekking/camping. I’ll be carrying AA batteries for the GPS so I want one of the lights to be AA compatible, and I’ll carry AAA’s just for the other light. I ordered a headband that can fit flashlights to the sides or to the top to see if they work well. so I won’t need to buy a headlamp. I’ll try to see if it will be more versatile like that. So, deals like these are important since I wouldn’t attach the nicest $50 flashlight to my head. Not that I have the nerve to buy a $50 flashlight right now…