GEARBEST..Just Sayin'

I am sorry to see the BLF front page become an itemized catalog for GearBest products. We all have the ability to go to their site when we desire to.

I’m also disappointed at the personal email spamming by GearBest. Really GB?

And I’m sure a lot of you guys like this every day GearBest feature of up front and in the face… That’s fine. Just sayin my piece.

And before any flaming, I know I don’t have to read their threads in the future if I don’t like it.

Movin right along…………………………………

I have had my fair share of negative experiences with Gearbest, mostly related to shipping. But without Gearbest (and others) I wouldn’t have this hobby at all.

Grateful for ThorFire products, Gearbest deals, Fasttech parts, Kaidomain emitters, (…) and a bunch of really smart people on here!

Same with the email like the threads just mark gearbest email as spam and you won’t see it anymore unless you want to

While most of the Gearbest email-only prices are not incredible deals, at times they will undercut any offer out there. I remember the Orange Pi PC sbc board for 9.99 before points as an introductory offer! Only 6 bucks after. <- that was an email only offer.
I would skim through the email (prices only, and delete them if there is nothing you like).

Well just knowing the ads help SB keep this forum running makes me not dislike them :wink:
Gmail is putting emails in the right folder so no problems there either
Agree that the prices we get in China make it possible to get stuff so no beef there as well :wink:

Advertising helps this site.
Unwanted emails can be sent to junk folder.
GearBest’s low prices help this hobby.

Seems to be a non-issue.

^ whoever marked my above post as “rude” needs to grow up!

The “rude” button is for inflammatory posts, not ones that just disagree with your opinion.

+1 … :+1: … Well said.

Besides agreeing completely with ‘stephenk’, I would also pose this question to the OP.

Why did you only mention “GearBest”?

If I am seeing the same thing you are…… I see ads also for Banggood, FastTech, HK Equipment, Find a Doctor, buy some medicine here, and a few more I can’t recall at the moment.

So why just GearBest?? Do the others not bother you??

It’s probably personalised (cookies?).

Whenever I turn on javascript, I’m swamped with ads, and yeah, the vast majority are usually from GB.

(’Swhy I keep js turned off 99.9% of the time. What I don’t see doesn’t bug me.)

Ad Blocker :D

Used ABP, and it’s a dog. Firefox turned from the best browser out there into the biggest POS that crashes when you look at it wrong, but still only marginally sucks the least from all the rest. ABP brought it to a crawl. Well, a hard-to-believe even slower crawl than normal.

Turning off js speeds up page-loading 3× or more.

Just sayin’…

Pi-hole! Best adblocker for a home network.
Oh, and I whitelist BLF, obviously. I want ad revenue coming to our admin.

Not sure if you know but Gearbest is present and active on this forum, you can contact them if there is anything you might need? They are very helpful

I am in my right to dispose of ads as I find appropiate. I use AdAway hosts file ad blocking (Android), which I can also manually enjoy in other operating systems with Hozz. Blocks most unwanted and/or annoying advertising, leaves others.

In my perspective, advertisements serve nothing worthwhile. You actually pay to see their unwarranted assertions with the bandwidth you spend on them and its involved loading time. They're annoying and we're letting them go because fuck you? Sorry but I'm not feeding this troll more than this, enough already.

I do not generally allow ads to create unexisting needs for me. At times I've done that to myself glaringly enough, no need for further help LoL.

Cheers fellows ^:)

Hmm, nice! Might throw a RPi at that…

I wouldn’t mind “ads” if the browser would squish them into little bitty 1x1 pixels (ie, just scale it down), or better yet, fake DLing the data so it looks like the ad was served, but really wasn’t.

Y’see, the slightest little bit of cooperation to let ads seem to go through, without being totally obnoxious to the end-user, and still let the site owner get paid, would be so nice.

But nooooooo, they have to force ads on people, to the point where those who don’t want to be assaulted have to block the damned adserver sites completely, and even stiff the owners of sites they do like. And then you get those even more annoying sites that sense that and block you unless’n’until you disable your ad-blocker!

Forgot what it was called, but there was a video recorder that would sense when commercials were on, and not tape them when recording a show. They were sued out of business, saying that a device that does that deprives advertisers of their revenue stream. ?!? So what I can easily do manually, a machine can’t?

I instantly hit the mute button as soon as a commercial comes on teevee. A while back, there was talk about forcing teevees to disallow muting or even volume-reduction when commercials would play!

Sorry, but this is war

Ah, ’twas ReplayTV.

Doing my normal browsing in Chromium with flash disabled
Really don’t mind seeing ads as they provide income for site owners and I don’t think it is bad for people running sites we enjoy to have ad revenue.
It beats pay walls or subscriptions for its access for all

NoScript ftw!

Might be it. :question: … But all I ever see is a banner across the top, down the left side, and some miscellaneous text adds at the very bottom. As far as I know, I don’t have anything turned off or on. :smiley:

If those are the ad’s we are talking about… “to me” they are a non issue. But to each their own. :wink:

SB could do like BladeForums does…. have free & paid memberships. The paid memberships do not have to see or be “bothered” with any ad’s at all. :+1:

Really a great idea if one thinks about it. :+1:
Money is still collected to offset cost of site and unhappy members can have it their way and “pay to play” seeing no ads.

A win - win for all involved. :beer:

No it isn’t if you have to implement all those changes, lots of work bugs talking to people who have issues will be very time consuming I fear.

Maybe…. maybe not??

But it would solve one “problem”…. :smiley: