Gearbest order site / alarming message

A few minutes ago I tried to place an order to Gearbest, and after filling in my credit card information I was startled to see the next line, which read “Yoobin Hacked”.

I went there via Fin17s link, with the intention of picking up a Convoy S11, but quickly backspaced out my data when I saw that line.

Have I been hacked? Who be dumb enough to have a line like that immediately following their Credit Card infill line?

Ugh, doesn’t look good. I wonder if it’s residual damage from this?

Gearbest is going downhill since last year… Carefully check for any suspicious payments from the credit card in the following months.

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Is it safe to pay with paypal only at Gearbest? Or are credit cards at paypal also at risk?

I always prefer PayPal for sites that I don’t trust, since the site never sees your actual financial/payment information.

Back in March my card was blocked after lots and lots of fraudulent activity, and “fraudwatch” (whether actual proper name or nickname for something) caught every single bogus charge and turned off the tap to keep even more from popping up.

Pain in the nuts to have to get a new card, but I’ve long been paying via PP at GB anyway, but the original card info was still there, I imagine.

Hmm, so you suspect that was a result of the GearBest hack?

Same feelings I have. Last year I used to buy there as much as at other shops (BG, Ali, FT, KD, L4P and more). But since a few times we differed on quantity they sent, I told to myself :not any more. I quit with Gearbest like a year ago. For sure something bad must had happened….

It was within a day or two of the first breach.

Proximity doesn’t prove causality, but it’s a good start.

Yikes, so that would seem to indicate that it was more than just a random data dump, and it seems like the hackers did indeed try to use the personal info on a fairly large scale.

W-O-W!! …… :open_mouth: . :frowning: .
I bet you were “startled” when that line appeared Tumbleweed48… :person_facepalming:

I always use PayPal when buying from BG, GB, & FasTech. I figure it’s just another line of defense.

Are the links dangerous? i have seen a lot of (masked) affiliate links here and don’t know where they are going…

Yep, everything from 3bux to Youth In America (??, some apparently well-known and legit charity), and 3bux to Micro$oft(!), all the way up to 600bux for a ski jacket somewhere.

All rapidfire charges on pretty much the same day. All of which, thankfully, were blocked almost instantly.

Funny thing is, I try to never give fully legit info for anything. Eg, a few months ago when I got a refund from PP, it was “frozen” until I’d fork over some personal info. Used to be it’d just by default be used for new charges and I’d only be dinged for the excess as a new charge, but now, nuh-uh. Had to fork over detailed account info to have that put back to my card, or take out a PP debit card, which I did.

Intentionally screwed with the “last 4 digits of your SIN”, listed my (work/deliver-to) address as by card’s billing address, etc. It all went through no problem. No one caught it so far.

And I always go ever my statements with an electron microscope. All my orders, etc., I have full accounting as to the who, what, when, how much, order number, anything’n’everything, which I reconcile down to the micron that are legit. I would’ve found it eventually, but a pair or orders at Amazon were stopped because of payment issues, recommending I “check your bank” to find out what’s up. (Had to buy and load a gift-card ’til all that mess was resolved. :confounded: )

Same here around the same time frame. After their customer service stopped responding, I stopped buying from them. I’m not spending any less, but BG and others have been getting my orders. It’s a shame as they used to have good prices and I could use points with less restrictions.


Well, there’s that, too. I was accumulating all sorts of “points” that I could never redeem. Sales just weren’t like they used to. Prices were going higher and higher, and shipping roulette was getting tedious. So that was a natural tapering-off down to almost nothing, vs having 4-5 GB orders up in the air at any given time.

And I’m still waiting for those knives that I ordered ages ago…

:smiley: … More patience ‘Grasshopper’…. it will be worth the wait. :wink:

The timing on this post is wild as just today I needed to order a new axle for my one vehicles from Epay and since they sold off Paypal, now they have gone from making you pay by paypal to now hiding it as a payment option and in this case it said “paypal not available as payment yet for this merchant” even though the merchant accepts paypal from their own company website.
They wanted me to join/create some payment wallet type deal where I give epay my Credit card info and then they pay the merchant. Problem with that is I don’t trust epay either with that info.
I have bought from same vendor before through epay with paypal several times in the past, so this is their way of trying to annoy/intimidate you to following their agenda to maximize the profits.
Won’t happen to this customer.

So off to the factory website it was and made the order for same price using paypal.

Beware and be as safe as you can, it’s a jungle out there!


I think there's already enough evidence to conclude GearBest stopped being Best ;-) long ago. I would call them GearCheat, they tried to swindle me in a PayPal dispute back in July 2018 and I stopped buying from them since. Their super deals dissapeared long ago too if I am not mistaken.

Cheers ^:)

Regardless who the online vendor is, I always use Paypal to pay, and so far I’ve been fine since 2012.

Even in some vendors in Aliexpress (who normally do not use Paypal), I always inquire if they have a Paypal account for my protection. and indeed some do have a Paypal account too.