GEARBEST Super Year-end Giveaway -- up for grabs are the mighty Imalent MS12 and DX80! WINNERS POSTED!!

Edit: Jan. 1, 2019:

….and here are the winners of the Gearbest 2018 Year-end giveaway:

The Imalent MS12 goes to: post # 259 —- mic6

The Imalent DX80 goes to: post # 13 —- Tony Cape

Click HERE to contact GB and provide your shipping address.
Here we go again guys,

My friends over at Gearbest has asked yours truly to again host this gaw.

Two Imalent lights at stake:

The mighty, top-of-the-line Imalent MS12 !!! (GB link: HERE )

…and the Imalent DX80: (GB link: HERE

To join,

1. Just post a link to a led flashlight that you liked/wanted at GB (and NOT necessarily at Gearbest site only)


2. A light not carried by Gearbest but wanted them to include in their inventory. (link please)

GAW specifics:

—starts now until December 31, 2018 will be used to draw the lucky posts
—as usual, no double-posting…or you are disqualified…just one post is enough
—please do not create another BLF account just for this GAW (be fair to members)
—tatasal reserves the right to amend specifics as deemed necessary going into the end of the gaw.

Post to join and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to All

from Gearbest and tatasal !!!


On GangBang also good prices :slight_smile:

Thanks so much to Gearbest


Klarus Mi7 Ti

Great !

HaikeLite MT03 21000lm

This one:

First of all, Gearbest and tatasal, thank you for this GAW.

You may (not) have heard the name Paul Kim.
He was the long-time head designer for Surefire (you know, $100 for a tube, a switch and a xenon bulb).
But he left and started his own design studio called PK Design Lab.

Unfortunately atm there is just one place left where you can buy PK-lights.
That place is imho the epitomy of a brick and mortar store. I even wonder if they have empty cardboard boxes.


It would be nice if these lights were available to peope that don’t visit HongKong every now and then.

HaikeLite MT03 21000lm

Nitecore C2

Nope, had neither both. Either one as the prize would be nice…:slight_smile:


1) What I liked and/or plan to buy (more)
Zanflare F1
Convoy L6

2)I’d like to see (what I plan to buy) and not on GB:
Amutorch JM70

EagTac M30LC2 Pro

Thank you tatasal and Gearbest for this GAW!

Currently, there's this one flashlight I have desperately tried to buy for a bargain-price but unfortunately it was not offered to German customers.

Can you please make such a great offer again?
Was wanting to try the 7070 led Haikelite q30.
or sofirn c8f complette kit.

I just like the look of this light.
Thanks for the GAW

GB, It looks like DQG Tiny 4th 18650 is missing for GB. I broke mine and want to get another when the budget permits.

GB and tatasal, thanks a lot for the GAW!

Thanks GB for the giveaway.

I like these: Nitecore MH25GTS

or TM26GT

I don’t fancy either of those two, so I’llgive this one a miss OK.
Best of… to the rest of you though.
They nice lights.

These are first on my to buy list:

Thanks for the GAW GB!

Nitecore EA45S
This is probably the most interesting looking light to me. Unlikely to end up with one anytime soon, but I love that design.
Thanks for doing the giveaway!