GearBEST's Sale . Rovyvon A5 $15.99 . Convoy S21 $15.99

Someone please tell me if the 18650’s are legit. TIA

He wants to know if the batteries are legitimate, or authentic.

understand u

Too bad that Gearbest will not ship batteries to Germany anymore :frowning:

Despite the doubts regarding Liitokala cells i caved in and ordered 4x30Qs at $13 shipped… It’s a bit of a gamble at that price.

patmurris - did you get them?

Not yet - i just ordered them… I’ll put them through testing as far as my Opus BT C3100 can handle, and see how they come out. From what ‘ive gathered from the above mentioned thread, even if they are not the ’real’ thing, they still perform well, especially for the price. Wait and see…

Offers for August 1
HaikeLite MT07S XHP70.2 - 4800K
$ 56.99 flash sale
HaikeLite MT07S XHP70.2 - 6500K
$ 56.99 flash sale
HaikeLite MT07S XHP35 HI - CW
$ 59.99 flash sale
HaikeLite MT07S XHP35 HI - CW
$ 59.99 flash sale
Nitecore P20 XM-L2 800lm Waterproof
$49.95 code:IT$LEDP20
Nitecore MH12 USB Charging Flashlight
$59.95 code:IT$LEDMH12
Nitecore MH10 USB Rechargeable
$49.95 code:IT$LEDMH10

Only 3 pieces left:

Oh my gosh.

Thank you very much for posting, you made this Brazilian guy very happy today.

I bought two M900 and two Rofis TR15.

Now I just wait for the delivery of the flashlights, which should happen until three months.

Unfortunately the post office in Brazil is very slow.

polones - :+1:

Offers for August 2
Lumintop TD15S XM-L2 Flashlight
$ 28.65 flash sale
ROFIS MR50 XHP50.2 + battery 21700
$ 55.99 code: IT$LEDMR50
Nitecore HC60 XM-L2 U2 Headlamp - CW
$45.99 code: IT$LEDHC60
Nitecore HC60 XM-L2 U2 Headlamp - NW
$49.99 code:IT$LEDNHC60
EDC - titanium grey

$ 19.99 code: IT$LEDMK
zanflare F1 XP-L V6 4500-5000K
$ 18.99 flash sale
zanflare F1 XP-L V6 6000-6500K
$ 18.99 flash sale
Offers for August 3
NCR18650PF Li-ion 2900mAh 2pcs
$ 7.45 flash sale
MJ1 INR18650 3500mAh - 4pcs
$ 20.50 APP price
COOWOO U1 Intelligent LED Desk Lamp
$ 27.99 code: IT$XMYP26
Offers for August 4

Utorch S1 Mini XP-L HI V3 5 Modes 6500K
$19.99 code:GBUtorch001

On the Utorch S1 5000K page you can get

personal coupon $25.00 OFF Over $50.00

3 pieces of Utorch S1 5000K with this coupon will cost only $11.66 each!

Xiaomi Yeelight LED Table Light
$ 25.99 code: MiYLamp
Xiaomi Redmi 5 Phablet 2/16 GB
$ 125,99 flash sale
Xiaomi Bluetooth 4.2 Speaker
$ 25.99 flash sale
Xiaomi Piston In Ear Earphones
$ 6.59 flash sale
Xiaomi Mi Band 3 Smart Bracelet
$ 29.59 flash sale
Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Smartband
$ 19.99 flash sale
Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum - WHITE
$ 309.99 flash sale
Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaner New Gen
$ 459.99 flash sale
Xiaomi Handheld Electric Mop
$ 129.99 code: XMMOP
Xiaomi DCL01CM Induction Cooker
$ 89,99 code: XMDCL
Original Xiaomi Mi Router 4
$ 39.99 flash sale
Xiaomi Mi TV 4A - 43 INCH
$ 299.99 flash sale
Xiaomi Sling Bag 4L / Polyester
$ 16.99 flash sale


Offers for August 7
$34.99 code: IT$LEDM200
Nitecore LA30 Flashlight Camping
$33.99 code: IT$LEDLA30
Nitecore MT22A XP - G2 S3 260LM
$21.99 IT$LEDMT22A
Energy-saving USB Night Lamp
$0.99 code: IT$USBNL02


Incredible price for a flashlight with XP-L diode!

Utorch XPL V6 LED Flashlight
$7.99 code:GBUtorch002