GearBEST's Sale . Rovyvon A5 $15.99 . Convoy S21 $15.99


Liitokala branded batteries in Gearbes store

(railway delivery)

Batteries Offers from AliExpress
LiitoKala Lii–50A 26650 1pcs
$ 4.69 flash sale
LiitoKala Lii–50A 26650 2pcs
$ 8.46 flash sale
US18650VTC6 3000mAh 30A 2 pcs
$ 7.36 flash sale
HG2 3000mAh 20A 2pcs +BOX
$ 5.71 flash sale
INR18650-30Q 3000mAh 4pcs +BOX
$ 12.29 flash sale
Sanyo NCR18650BF 3400mah 4pcs
$ 15.56 flash sale


Hmm… the blue S2+ is nice, I don’t have that color yet… but not to crazy about the LED color choice though

Interesting promo.
I was wondering, is it possible to add one item to current order, which is not yet ship?

@Daylighter - The blue S2+ is ok but I ended up swapping the guts with my UV light. It was a little too (walmart/best buy) blue for me but it seems appropriate for a dedicated UV light. The tint isn’t bad, it’s warmer than the specs would lead you to believe, white but not harsh or bluish.


I order and paid on 5th, choosing priority line to get it faster. Until today, I got email, said my order shipped out using Sweden Post Registered. And yet, only ONE item from total 5 items, shipped.

What is this? If you don’t have in stock, make it clear! I don’t like being delayed for ridiculous reasons. I do remember choosing priority line said using Australian postal or similar, but now it’s get messed up here and there.

No respond from CS until I post this.

Great deal for the M3 package. Just purchased another. Truly a fine little light … Thanks.

Is this the BLF C8?

No, it’s Convoy

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Thank you for the thread, subbed :slight_smile:

Which one?

ON The Road M3 Package U2-5C … Coupon Code: ND3A

Great tint and excellent light. I have owned and gifted several.

5C imho is one of the best tints I’ve ever seen come from Cree .
I’ve repeatedly heard numbers of people comment on how nice the tint is on the “on the road 5c” light


You have purchased ON THE ROAD M3, as planned?
Single pack, or full pack?

Someone needs it? :)))))

$10.69 coupon SJUW

Around 10 bucks it’s a good light. Now I have written review about it, there are photos & beamshot photos of him.

Once I bought Ultrafire E17.

Since then, I don’t like this company… :sunglasses:

The UF F13 is a very good light and a good host. I bought four of them last year when they were on sale for $9. Nice camping lights.

Deputydave, UF F13 has a body with a pill?
Сonvenient to replace the diode and the driver?