GearBEST's Sale . Rovyvon A5 $15.99 . Convoy S21 $15.99

Deputydave, its your video?

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No, that is Old Lumens (RIP).

Deputydave, thanks.
I take advantage of your own advice and try this flashlight.

Just got some…


Hey, thanks for posting that. It’s encouraging!

I like that it’s got a shelf behind the LED, and looks really easy to mod. I got plenty of 1.7A 20mm drivers that’ll just drop right in, a nice 4300K Cu star, lots of AS5, so I’m set!

Maybe a little bit of JB Weld behind the shelf for more thermal mass, and it’ll scream!

And ~11bux per light ain’t bad at all!

Just tried to order Nitecore T transparent but it says

Cant ship to my country

im in the UK, never had issues before!

Is this USA deals only???

Apparently Gearbest won’t ship Nitecore products to the UK, something to do with there being an exclusivity deal with the Nitecore UK distributor.


Thanks for reply.

I’m very tempted to buy it, but I’m kinda hoping a deal on the Nitecore EC11 or MT10C becomes available. I have the EA11 and like it quite a bit.

no longer working
Lumintop Copper Tool AAA XP-G2 R5 LED (link is external)
$22.99 coupon NMCJ

I had used it in the past, but today it does not work, neither in Safari nor in Chrome… when I put other codes in for other items, they work, but this item and code just does this, AFTER I click Apply:

I tried multiple times with no luck

either way, thank you for the deals

Hello Fin, if it’s not too much trouble while you check on MT10C, can you also please check on a deal for the Nitecore MT10A? Thank you

Try clearing your browser cache ㎇ꓖꓐꓨꓭ GB*⁹⁹⁴⁵ ₲roup ₿uy ⁜ℳⅈℂ⅁ℊℬḠḆᙪᏀ

G 94⁹⁹

❤♥❣ ☢☮☯⚠⚒☣


₳ Ꭿ ã

✻ ✼ ✽ ✾ ✿ ❀ ❁ ❂ ❃ ❄

❰ A ❱

⛯ ֍ ⛯ ꧅ ◎ GG

⌘ ⸎

⸽ ⚋ ❰ ❱ ‹› ⁑ ⁔ ⁜ ⌢

▛ ▜ ⸺ ⸻ ⸨⸩

✅✊✋✌✍✔❛❜❝❞❟ ❆✪❋✿❂⚡ ❶❷❸❹❺❻❼❽❾❿ ☝ ⭐⭕ ✨ ❗ ➕ ⏩⚓⚜

MT10A out of stock

All coupon codes, flashsales & deals - on first page (messages ## 1 - 3)

I cleared my cache… no change in my results, but glad its working for you… and Im OK as I was only testing the code to give to a friend, but we found another code that works

thanks again

I do not understand why you have a problem occurred with the code.


All coupon codes, flashsales & deals - on first page (messages ## 1 - 3)

Because he already used it once. GB let you use their codes once only

Is the C8 the new version with the new firmware?

Hi Fin17 - any codes for the On The Road M6? Either simple or with cell?