GearBEST's Sale . Rovyvon A5 $15.99 . Convoy S21 $15.99

Hello Fin17,
Can I have a code for the SP36?
Thank you.

Hi Fin17,

Need code for Nitecore NU32 XPG3.


Thankfully Gearbest is saving me from myself and no longer has shipping options for knives to the Netherlands (and a few other European countries it seems).
Anyone know what’s up with that?

Not allowed to have sharp sticks or pointy objects over yonder?

Hey Fin!
Just wanted to tell you that the Klarus XT1C has finally arrived :wink:
Thanks for the coupon mate :beer:

Hasn’t ever been an issue, and I have bought knives from other Chinese vendors since. Last time anything changed in knife laws here was in 2012.

Just checked and my last Gearbest knife order was the 12th of December 2018, and they just stopped having shipping options shortly after that. The order in question was sent and arrived without issue, and another knife I had ordered before that didn’t ship out until weeks later and I got it without issues.

Unless maybe they found that customs was nicking enough shipments of pointies that they (GB) figured it was no longer worth the hassle.

Utorch XPL V6 NO stepless dimming
$ 6.99 code: GBEBBC022
Utorch XPL V6 stepless dimming
$ 7.99 GBEXBSP115
Convoy M2 XPL 7135*8 Biscotti
$ 20.99 GBLED22203

Ordered one. Thank you.

Hi Fin - can I get a code for 2 NU32’s?


Any sights for Klarus XT1A Code?

code sent

My exclusive code F7BG - 31.83 (Banggood)

Thank you, purchased, good price :+1:


Offers for February 27th

Zanflare T1 in stock again!

zanflare T1 Super Bright Camping Lamp
$ 15.99 code: GBKCZAT1
Klarus FX10 XP-L HI 1000LM Zoomable
$59.99 code: GBLEDFX10
Klarus Mi1C Ti XP-L HI V3 600 Ls
$ 53.99 : GBLEDMi1CTi
Klarus G20L XHP70.2 P2 3000Lm
$ 75.99 : GBLED922101
Klarus FH10 Zoomable Tactical
$ 63.99 : GBLED922103
Klarus G35 XHP35 HI D4 2000lm
$ 74.99 : GBLEDG35
KLARUS XT32 KIT Super Bright
$ 98.99 code: GBLEDXT32L
Klarus ST15 XP - L HI V3 1100LM
$ 34.99 : GBLED922104
Imalent HR70 USB Headlamp
$ 59.99 flash sale
IMALENT DN70 Rechargeable
$ 63.99 flash sale
JETBeam HR30 USB Type-C
$ 41.99 flash sale
Nitecore EC4S LED Flashlight
$ 65.99 flash sale
$ 196.99 code: GBLEDTM10K
Nitecore MH25GTS
$ 79.99 code: GBLED922105
$ 47.99 code: IT$LEDC1
NiteCore MT22C
$ 35.99 code: GBLED922106
NiteCore TINI CU Micro-USB
Smart Remote Control Candle
$ 6.99 flash sale

Mark The Date - A New Look of Gearbest

We are excited to announce that: Gearbest has a new look!

As Gearbest continue to grow and expand customer and area base, we believe, this is a great time, as Gearbest turning five years old, to upgrade our brand identity to better reflect the mission, vision and core value of Gearbest.

Consider this as one of the new chapter of Gearbest, thanks to the support from our loyal customers.

What’s New?

  1. New Logo: New smiley icon with yellow background

l Yellow stands for liveliness, energy and joy. Bringing more positiveness to the brand

l Smiley icon: A letter “G” reformed smile. Representing that Gearbest aim to be a place where all our customers enjoy to shop at.

  1. New Concepts: Quality, Affordable, Fun

l Quality: provide all our customers with optimized product quality

l Affordable: Shopping should not be a financial struggle

l Fun: build a platform where shopping is entertaining and enjoyable


Starting on 27th Feb, 2019, the new Gearbest is officially on every platform: APP, Mobile website, and PC website. Stay with us, you will see the change, the difference, the upgrade.

I just wished that Gearbest didn’t oblige me to have a PC website in a poorly translated Portuguese version! :person_facepalming:
And more than that…that could let me change the language for English without having to choose UK or USA as locations! :person_facepalming:

Other than that, good luck with the new design and…more coupons for the flashaholic friends :beer:

Unno, the font looks too much like Comic Sans… :confounded:

That aside, happy birfday!

Oh, as for the logo, be careful, as it’s reminiscent of the Amazon Wang. :open_mouth: