Not long ago, user Firestarter03 started a thread asking what flashlight would be best for geocaching. I had heard and read about geocaching but never really looked into it. I have been doing it for about a week now with my son and daughter and we have been having a great time.

If you are looking for a great time using flashlights you should start geocaching at night. Many of us have a lot of lights and never really get much chance to play with them. Last night we took out a few XML p60s, X9, Skyray 3800 rev.0 and the SF Masterpiece pro. Used them so much we had to change batteries in almost all of them.

Greatest hobby ever for the flashlight guy. If your buying them and they are just sitting around looking pretty, Start geocaching at night with them.

it's nice that you found out that it's a nice hobby :) in which we can use our toys tools a lot

go find some night caches! and then create some too

So how does it work?

I've done a bit, I really like creating them more than finding them though...ebay has sellers who give you everything you need.

to people not sure on it, do a quick google...there's a A LOT of great information about it, and how to get the most out of it.

I wish to tnx Firestarter03 to make me find that hobby and smart ppl that create caches, I had really fun finding 2 chained cache, a nice challenge H)

It's great the hear you are out with your kids doing this. Kids need to have a intrest in things that let their minds and body work and grow. Anything you can do with them is a big plus but do not forget that you can create what I call "The Monster"

That is a child that has no fear to try and do any project/trip/adventure that they have a intrest in.

Have fun now because they we be gone very soon :-)

If one wants a family needs to start when they are born!

I try to tell my 2 sons-in-law that.

Butt can not lead their lifes.

Geocaching is great, I have a few caches marked as found. I'd love to do it more often, but where I live there aren't many caches, and I don't travel very often. When I do travel, there is rarely any time to go geocaching.

But I have done some group cache hunts after the sunset/darkfall, and I must say, it's really great! :D

Which reminds me. I think I might go do some hunting very soon. ;)


going out to nature with family and friends is one of the best thing about geocaching, it is a good motivation for exploring or just going out for a walk.

and if there aren't many caches near you? grab some reflective tape or textile, nails, hammer and go create a nice night only cache in your area ;)