Get the Convoy C8 AK47 from Banggood (8*7135)

AK47 - This is not true. Flashlight exactly as in this review, except the XM-L2:

I compared the OP and SMO reflector for this Convoy C8 (XM-L2). SMO little more thrower, but hotspot is much worse than OP.

AK47 is the name of the 3*7134 driver Nanjg Ak-47 (A or C). Like many thing in China someone decided to use a name that saw somewhere and in this case looks similar to the 8*7135 driver (visually)

I got the “ak47” convoy c8 from Banggood. The driver says 105C, not ak47.

Of course, the AK47 is the 3*1735 driver not the 105C 8*7135

Not absolutely correct comparison, In auto mode, but nonetheless.

On left Convoy C8/7135*8/XM-L2 U2/OP, Hi mode. On right - Nitecore EC25W, turbo mode 860 lm.

Uploaded with

Joe - how does it compare to the TangsFire C8 XM-L2 U3 - you just got 2 of those in?

Actually, this is a pretty good deal considering it's well regulated, nice modes w/memory, solid known host, and a XM-L2 U2 (or so claimed). Only downside would be the OP reflector, but only if you wanted max throw out of it - beam patterns with an OP are cleaner. Compared to prices of the TangsFire or FT Convoy C8 offering (only XML's), it's perhaps the best C8 deal around right now.

Nice Find Joe, glad you posted a new thread on it!

What’s the difference between the default U2-1B and the U2-1A option?

Apart from the + $1 :wink:

1B really greenish, 1A bluish

Well, I’m happy to be willing to “take one for the team,” all the nicer when it turns out to be a great find. lol Actually, this was an impulse purchase for a friend. He loves C8s and kept wanting something of better quality than the normal stuff. I took a chance…and scored! But I guess with Convoy, that wasn’t such a gamble after all, no?

I sold both Tangsfires, which I came to be mildly impressed with, but not as impressed with as this light. I never had them side-by-side, but I’m more impressed with this unit by quite a ways. Its light goes everywhere and, yes, seems brighter than both Tangsfires. Feels like it is “scorching the retinas” more. I could be wrong, but that is my impression.

The selling points of this Convoy, though, are: a much better (regulated) function, superb mode-memory that it takes some actual work to circumvent (no accidentally jumping into other modes when I use it), as well as the fine and bright beam quality. Just holding it manifests its quality.

The Tangsfires were pretty run-of-the-mill by comparison. The quality just isn’t the same. And though I loved the feel of them in my hand, one came brighter than the other. Plus, I’m not fond of lights that dim after an initial blast, and the idea of having to get a special type battery to make them really “sing” is even worse for me. I much prefer regulation—and at this level of output, that makes things all the better.

Just ordered 2 of these bad boys thanks for the recommendation !

In addition to tint, U2-1A is a newer emitter - XM-L2, and about 12% brighter than XML U2-1B.

If you need the really brightest light, the order: XM-L2 U2-1A.

Enuf already, you’re going to cause me to buy this light, and I already have (3) other C8s!

I have a really bad English, and I totally agree with Rusty here :

I already had a couple of C8, but after this Light, the C8 issue completely closed for me.

Thanks perhaps I should have worded my question more explicitly. I meant the difference in tint so sorry if that wasn’t clear :slight_smile:

I ordered a couple of these with the XM-L 2 emitter. I wonder if there is a way to physically identify these emitters and thus confirm we are receiving the real deal.

XM-L with 6 yellow strips and 3 brass bonding wires, XM-L2 - two brass and without yellow strips.

Here is clearly visible:

Excellent, thanks.

Now on the subject of 3 brass wires, is there any spec sheet where it says those are brass wires?

I do not see any company using brass wires due to the fact copper is standard and is generally plated weather gold or tin, etc, like the majority of SMD components. Not to even mention that brass is way behind copper in therms of resistance.

Agree. I just copied the inscription under the photo here:

Perhaps brass meant color. Not material.

oldman777, I know the info is from that link.

I’ve spotted a way to tell first and second generation XML’s,XPG’S and XPE’s apart that no one seems to mention.First gens have

2 quite obvious squares on one side,gen 2’s don’t.It’s even visible in chinese site photos.Sometimes they’re not visible if the

reflector or centering ring is really tight to the dome,so the other checks come in.