Get the Convoy C8 AK47 from Banggood (8*7135)

Those of you who have been tirelessly recommending the Convoy C8s, good going. I’ve now proudly joined you.

A few days ago, I received the AK47 Convoy with 8*7135 from Banggood and have had ample time to play with it. Boy howdy is this an amazingly bright and well-made light! It’s brighter than all my XM-Ls, has a frosted reflector, and produces a gorgeous beam. I’ve never held in my hands a C8 that comes close in terms of build quality.

These get a Rusty Recommend Heavy. If you haven’t scooped one up, get to it!

It also has your choice of emitters with smooth or frosted reflector—truly gorgeous beam!

Try it if you haven’t already.

Have heard many good things about this Convoy brand since FT carries them.

How long does Banggood take to ship to you?

45 days have passed… No sign of my C8s. Already request for refund.

Mine arrived in just over 3 weeks.

rusty- do you own any of these c8’s?
kaidomain c8
keygos ke-5
lightmalls ultrafire xml2 c8

I’ve had all of them, the Lightmalls being one of the brightest. I still have my KE-5.

ok great. this way, i know where your at.
im a pretty big fan of c8’s….ive had quite a few myself, but i gave them all away and kept the brightest one, which is the ultrafire xml2 c8 from lightmalls.
close runner up was the kaidomain xml2 c8.

so your saying this c8 from bangood is ever brighter than the lightmalls and kd and keygos c8?
or just a better beam profile?
does it throw better?
which one floods the most?

my keygos ke-5 is much brighter than my kaidomain. I think I got an inferior one from kai. my keygos is a fine light, think i paid $17 for it.

is your keygos a xml2?
is you kaidomain an xml2?

i actually never got a keygos xml2 yet….didnt know they have one.
lemme take a look right now.
nope…there is no keygos with xml2.

so, if your kd c8 is the xml2 version,
then you have either a very good keygos or a bad kdc8,
cus my kd c8 was noticable brighter than my keygos.

or it could be vice versa hahah, i could have a bad keygos and a good kd , i doubt it though, cus my keygos was king till i bought the lightmall’s and kd’s xml2.

I ordered the Convoy C8 / 7135*8 / XM-L2 U2 / OP reflector:

And yet ordered SMO reflector:

A few days ago, I received it all.

C8 / XM-L2 / OP reflector has a perfect beam.

Then installed SMO reflector, and the beam has changed for the worse.
Octagonal crow appeared around hotspot. Behind this bright ring.

Finally installed back OP reflector, and SMO reflector installed on another C8 with XM-L.
With XM-L SMO reflector has a nice beam. With XM-L2 SMO reflector has horror.

@Rusty Joe, does the driver make any high pitch noises at any mode?

Were high pitch noises at Mid. mode. After tightened the pill it became almost inaudible.

Believe me, I love my KE-5. It’s one of the best-driven lights I’ve ever had, it being brighter than all my C8s except maybe for the Lightmalls one (can’t remember now, it’s been about a year), but this little contender is brighter than the KE-5 for darn sure. See for yourself…

KE-5 (left) AK47 Convoy C8 (right), both on fairly fresh unprotected cells

Granted, the KE-5 throws better with a more narrow beam and smooth reflector, whereas this unit has a frosted reflector that is floody, but I tell ya…the spread is beautiful while giving it still plenty of throw.

My point being: for someone in need of a high-quality, no-nonsense C8, I say forget every one of them out there and just go for this guy. It’s hard to say enough good about this light. It would be hard for me to go with any other C8 now. I got it for a friend, and now I want one!

Just checked. And yes, medium does have a super-quiet little whine. No other modes do, though. Hadn’t noticed at all until I checked. Even had to check it by cycling through modes several times to make sure I was hearing that over the heater air-flow. Can’t hear it unless your ear is like an inch away from the head of the light. So that is as close to a negative I can find on it.

The next day after Convoy C8, I received the Nitecore EC25. It is nice compact light, but my hand is constantly reaches for C8.
This is a great light. I already had a couple of other C8, but Convoy surpassed all expectations!

i say u go buy yourself one of these rusty. you can never have more than one c8. maybe try the option with the smo reflector… might be brighter and outthrow your ke-5 now

Is this the same Convoy C8 that Fasttech sells?

I’m assuming this is the same as the Convoy C8 at Fasttech, FT says nothing about AK47. Isn’t the another light already called AK47, Trustfire I believe. Anyway, have a FT version Convoy C8 on the way.

FT’s C8 uses a Nanjg 105c 2group driver. It’s also Xm-l.

Oh, i oredered it from banggood, oh, not just 1, but 2 :~