Get Your Fast Fingers Ready: Another Wallbuys Instant Kill Sale (May 29, 2013)

Here we go again.

Some real good deals in there too. Happy frustrations :D

Thanks for letting us know! :party:

Wow. There are some incredible prices there. If only I was home!

Ahh! Thanks but, no thanks not with a 50ft bargepole.

Thanks for sharing!

I’ll probably be at work to concentrate too much on this. :frowning:


Wow look at all those cheap rubiks cubes!

Bah humbug! :smiley:

look at the price on the EA8, if it had real heatsinking…

a few tempting deals, but I’m reluctant to pull the trigger on any of em when one of my orders from the last instantkill haven’t shipped yet >.>

**edit: I feel it’s worth mentioning that I just skype’d with “cherry” and she said my package shipped today, and they were waiting on the tracking #…we’ll have to wait and see now.

I see a few products I find interesting.
But, if many people are competing, it will be hard to get anything. On the few products I find interesting, there are only 1-3 items in stock… Chances of getting one does not look good. As you said. I think there will be a lot of frustrated hopeful people here. :smiley:

Thanks for sharing the deal! :slight_smile:

To give tips that helped me and others on the last one…

1) watch the page, but refresh regularly, the timer gets off from the actual time it’s going to be released, and it slowly drifts further.
2) refresh towards the last 10-15 seconds to get a final sync up
3) spam click it in the last few seconds….it’ll automatically change to the “buy me” button
4) a small white box with red text will pop up, ignore this (mine was pretty well centered in my browser)
5) That box will turn into a verification box, with a new code you type in.
6) If you got it, it’ll give you a verification screen where you can log into paypal!

Hopefully the captcha code thing isn’t something hard that could be either a letter or number, that made me lose a couple of things last time

Oh, me, oh my, why did I start this hobby, some incredible temptations, and I just bought two lights, I don’t need, oh, me, oh my, why did I start this hobby… :Sp

No body better try for my SWM D40A……! lol

There can only be one…

Did anybody get something at the last deal? I am thinking this is a waste of time. Even if its not fake, most interesting things are only 1 piece… Chances near Zero to get something intersting… I woke up in the middle of the night last time to get a TN30 which was 5 pieces… In my opinion I was really fast, but still got nothing.

You have the chance of getting a good deal and a “Fastest man in the world” award.

Thanks for sharing.

I'm getting 2 parcels tonight from their last instant kill promotion.


Japan is 1 hour later than HK, so most deals will pass before I can even turn on my pc.. Anyway, I'll try for the SWM d40, nitecore, and something else, which I forgot.

NO SRK :~ no SmallSun :~ only Padme and SWM interesting, I better go and send them a hate mail right away…

Sunwayman D40A: $30
JetBeam PA40: $20

Too bad I have slow internet so its not even worth bothering to try.